when Domyoji meets Nodame

HANA YORI DANGO and NODAME CANTABILE were among the first Japanese dramas I watched so they occupy a special place in my fangirl life. In fact, I have the HYD anime and NC manga in my pop culture stash. The year was 2005 (when HYD aired), a year since moving into a new country where everything was unfamiliar. Watching dramas somehow eased the foreignness as I turned to drama characters for the familiar.

I’ve always loved Domyoji (and his Taiwanese counterpart known as Dao Ming Si). He is hella funny and Matsumoto Jun owned the role. Yes, it goes without saying that I was Jun-baited to Arashi. It’s been an amazing eight years with the five bakas.

I also love Nodame. Her innocence and quirks made for a fun watch. There were times I wish I had her chutzpah to chase her dreams without having to conform to anyone; I still do. And I love her relationship with Chiaki-senpai. They  remain as one of my favorite onscreen couples.

And then… eight years later, Domyoji and Nodame meet.



Imagine what their first conversation would have been like:

“You don’t know who I am?” – Domyoji

“Gyabo!” – Nodame

So yes, Matsujun and Ueno Juri are acting together in a movie for the first time. They play Okuda Kosuke and Watari Mao in HIDAMARI NO KANOJO, based on a novel by Koshigaya Osamu.




Jun is one of those actors who always develops natural chemistry with his co-stars onscreen, and yes, including his male co-stars (Eita, anyone?). And the Jun-Juri (I call them Double J, Japanese version) pairing is refreshing it would be interesting to see how they would be like on the big screen.

Here’s one of the trailers with Yamashita Tatsuro’s music (correction: the theme is not “Zutto Isho Ssa” as I previously blogged but “Kimi to Hikari eno requiem”):



Another tralier:



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I’ve been watching Jun and Juri’s interactions on their TV appearances and I have noticed that they have gradually become more comfortable interacting in public. Of course I have read the rumors, mostly about Juri-chan, not only while working on HIDAMARI but from way back. I like her as an actress and I don’t want to dwell on those rumors because they come with the territory and things can get exaggerated once they reach the press. I just take exceptions with those trash talk on her on-the-set relationship with Jun because I suspect they come from specific individuals with their own agenda. I just hope that these people realize that Jun’s professional relationship with his co-stars also reflects on him and not just on the other party. No one’s stopping anyone from shipping Jun with other people but please, not at the expense of his work.

That said, they seem to be friends (if based on how Juri reportedly watched the Nagoya leg of Popcorn and was at Arafes last month too). But I just noticed how different, and seemingly tempered, she has become. Not that I am expecting to see Nodame in her but I suspect that the change in Juri-chan’s character had something to do with those rumors. And somehow, I feel bad for her. I’m sure it’s also stressful to be paired with one of the Arashi boys knowing there are possessive fangirls (not to mention crazy shippers) out there. But at the end of the day, it’s their work in the movie that will have to speak for itself.


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(My screengrabs from the SP)

The video of that toothbrush scene that has sent many hearts aflutter and aswooning can be watched here.

The more I watch the trailer, the more I want to fly to Japan and watch it at the cinema because god knows when it will be coming to DVD (and my hopes are low that it will be shown here though they do screen Japanese movies occasionally).

The movie opens in Japan on October 12.

Here’s Jun’s invitation:

jun hidamari

“Release this week! ‘Hidamari no Kanojo’ Please go to the movie theater!!! Yoropiko” – Jun


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7 thoughts on “when Domyoji meets Nodame

  1. Gahhhhh you’re making me super excited for the movie now! All the promotional materials have been wonderful and very well done. When I was in Tokyo the posters etc were already up that I wish I could watch it already. You’re right about DVD and of course, subs 😦 but the title of this entry is just so much win!

    PS what’s all the rumors about Juri? I’ve never heard of anything! Are they bad ones? :/


    • yes, nasty ones. I’m surprised you haven’t heard since one of them involves Tamaki lol

      I guess in Japan, outgoing, vocal girls don’t sit well with the majority. that’s why I think she has mellowed and is hardly lively now. and that makes me sad.


      • OMG what’s the rumors all about? Any particular websites you could direct me to that I could get a digest?

        (And involving Tamaki?? Whyyyyy noesssss)


      • lol hmm I read them a long time ago. basically, it’s how she falls in love with her co-stars, I think Tsumabuki then Tamaki or something. and at that time, Tamaki was with someone and she tried to break them up or get in between according to the reports. sorry I can’t direct you to a website as I forgot where I read it. but yeah, those are the nasty talks about her and that she supposedly has an attitude problem and doesn’t get along with her co-stars. there were talks J didn’t like her coz she was “troublesome” but looking at it now, seems just trash talk coz she’s been to watch Arashi’s concerts. and you try to bullshit with Matsumoto you’ll get it from him lol I did notice though how she’s reserved around him and like I said I guess it’s an aftermath of all those previous talks with her co-stars. perhaps she’s just careful now lest she be misinterpreted or something.


      • Oh thanks for the digest. That’s really unfortunate. There’s probably some degree of truth to that but I’m assuming the rest are exaggerated. The thing about liking her co-stars I wonder if it’s also cos she was a lot younger then when she did those shows with them (I dunno, I’m assuming girl-crushing haha) which are essentially harmless unless interpreted differently. These are all just my perceived thoughts though haha, prolly not even a degree of truth in them concerning her. I do agree about the Jun bit and not taking BS, so imma err on the side of goodwill and thinks she’s a sweetheart in real life and that like you said, they’re friends! (I mean, getting a ticket to an Arashi concert is HARD (I don’t think she could’ve bought it?) that when you’re given a tix through invitation surely there’s some sincerity in the relationship). Thanks yupkigirl for filling me in!!


      • I think so too. She was young, impressionable maybe, didn’t know how to handle or separate professional from her personal life. And she’s just so grown-up now watching her is bittersweet lol

        Sometimes it’s just so hard to believe hook, line and sinker all the stories about them. Yes, there’s no smoke if there’s no fire but we don’t really know the circumstances. Anyway, looking forward to the movie!


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