Japan’s future PM: Sakurai vs Koizumi

(Warning: this post is not to be taken seriously)

Every Arashi fan knows the inside joke: that Sho is Japan’s future prime minister. So imagine my amusement when someone who is around the same age as him is being touted as the “next PM”. I’m talking of none other than Koizumi Shinjiro, the second son of former PM Koizumi Junichiro.



Shinjiro was in the news recently after he spoke in support of his father on the issue of nuke energy. On the other hand, Sho does not need any introduction. But let’s do a comparative “tale of the S”:



Sakurai Sho
Birthday: Jan 25, 1982 (31)
Education: B.A. Economics, Keio University
Occupation: Super idol, singer, dancer, rapper, actor, newscaster, national fail
Special talent: Umbrella martial arts, nadegata Japan



Koizumi Shinjiro
Birthday: April 14, 1981 (32)
Education: B.A. Economics, Kanto Gakuin University; M.A. Political Science, Columbia University
Occupation: Lawmaker (LDP)
Special talent: Son of Koizumi Junichiro

Has Sho met a worthy rival for the premiership? Education-wise, Shinjiro has the advantage with a masters from Columbia no less. But Sho having earned an economics degree despite working at Johnny’s deserves admiration. Shinjiro is not exactly shabby in the looks department either, in fact, he can give other actors a run for their money. I’m glad he did not opt for his father’s unique hairstyle though and I wonder if he got Kouzumi’s media savvy personality?

Now, if you’re one of Japan’s 103 million voters, who would you prefer as prime minister?

You can vote here!

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13 thoughts on “Japan’s future PM: Sakurai vs Koizumi

      • Hahaha “nadegata” refers to Sakurai’s well-appreciated sloping shoulders.
        There was a time in HIMITSU, the guest was Jun, the female model who’s half-American, half-Japanese I think. So they had to introduce themselves in English and he said. “I have nadegata” lol
        The members also tease him about his nadegata all the time.
        Lord, how can I write so long just on nadegata? Hahaha


      • Oooh thank you for explaining~
        For some reason I thought it was related to Yamato Nadeshiko and was about his excellent manners or something OTL

        Ahh but his shoulders…! It works. :))


  1. Doing Economics at KEIO is nothing to sneeze at… so who knows? Koizumi jr. does have the advantage of being a career politician, but that also means that he’s less “pure” than Sakurai. It’ll be interesting to see them in ten years.


    • yes, who knows indeed! in politics, it’s a matter of fate and oftentimes, an expected twist in the plot.

      and yeah, Economics at Keio is nothing to sneeze at especially while struggling to be an idol. “pure”… Sakurai may be pure when it comes to politics (though I doubt with his father as a government official himself) but not exactly when it comes to the entertainment world haha!

      thanks for commenting, really appreciate it! I see you’re based in Tokyo. lucky you!


  2. If Sho weren’t in entertainment industry, he probably would have been Shinjiro’s “rival” by now, seeing that they are around the same age. And i know this isn’t to be taken seriously, but would Johnny-san allow him to? 😉


    • we never know. Johnny-san might see the advantages of having a foot inside Japan’s politics lol so it won’t be Abenomics but Johnnynomics, not that there isn’t Johnnynomics going on right now with him monopolizing the male idoru world lol


  3. To be honest, I don’t think both of them have the potential to be Japan’s PM, yet. If I have to choose, I’ll pick Shinjiro over Sakurai. My reasoning for this is because he has some experience in the politics (unlike Sakurai). Sakurai may be a popular idol now, but that won’t help him if he is going to become the PM in the future.


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