[movie] Silent Witness

There’s one supporting actor and one scene in the film that stands out and leaves a mark long after the film is over.


[movie] are you PK (drunk)?

I’m not exactly a fan of Bollywood movies but I did enjoy the few I have watched, particularly Three Idiots that starred Aamir Khan. And I’ve heard so much about his PK so when I saw it among the in-flight movies during a recent trip, I skipped Twenty and Gangnam Blues and went right to…

[movie] PIKANCHI 2.5: life is hard and happy… maybe?

[Spoilers ahead.] As soon as the first scene came on, with the jerky camera zoom-in, it felt nostalgic right away. And minutes into the film when the opening credits rolled in with Pikanchi Double, it was definitely walking down memory lane. I’m talking about PIKANCHI… LIFE IS HARD TABUN HAPPY, the third installment in Arashi’s…