movie: LOVE (teaser)

You gotta hand it to Doze Niu for bringing together some of Taiwan’s top actors of this generation: Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Eddie Peng, Amber Kuo, Ivy Chen and Shu Qi, then throw in China’s Vicki Zhao. The result? You got a powerhouse cast and… L-O-V-E.

But does Doze also have to appear? OK, he’s an actor, and the director of this film so… it’s kinda just amusing to see him alongside three of Taiwan’s top actors.

I love Monga, which Doze also directed, and starred Ethan (who won best actor at the Golden Horse) and Mark. I’d say he has the uncanny ability to combine a good cast and story, so I trust that LOVE won’t disappoint.

The all-star cast reminds me of Hot Summer Days in terms of scale. Incidentally, this is also intended for a Valentine release. A movie date with Doze, if you will. And you get your own dose of, well, love.

And while we’re on the topic of love, love, love: What’s your favorite Valentine movie? I like ensemble films like Love Actually (which is more for Christmas). I liked Hot Summer Days and my favorite story was that of Daniel Wu and Vivian Hsu. Maybe because it had certain elements that I like: sushi, travel and Maggie Cheung.

What is love? One of the movie posters below helps you define it, just in case, you know, you have a hard time doing it.

Check out the official website here.

End note: I wish the batch of Mike He, Rainie Yang, Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng would also do an ensemble film. It would be interesting to see the four of them work together considering they practically started out at the same time.

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5 thoughts on “movie: LOVE (teaser)

  1. oh this looks promising. I also like Love Actually and Hot Summers Day. Thanks for posting about this.

    As for the MR and ArJoe ensemble, unfortunately I don’t want to see, since fans are so fixated on this couple, if the director dared to split them they’ll be hell to pay. I rather watch them as singles leading a lonely valentine day and finally coming together as friends. There should be a film devoted to coupless people as well!


  2. It would be awesome to see Rainie, Mike, Ariel & Joe together in one film or even a drama!!! That would be such a dream cast indeed! I think the four of them represent the tremendous success of idol dramas in Taiwan after F4 conquered Asia. I think aside from F4, they best represent Taiwanese actors who were able to transcend fame all over Asia. It’s amazing how they are so loved in countries, that in majority, doesn’t even understand Mandarin, like the Philippines. And quite frankly, even today, I think MR and ArJoe, remains to have the strongest and most ardent followers across Asia.

    Although it would be amazing to see them all together in one project, it’s more like a mission impossible, isn’t it? I think the paparazzi will have a feast day if ever such a project pushes through. Lol!!! But who knows, miracles can happen! And I do believe in miracles…. :))))


    • IKR! about RM and ArJoe, they’re considered iconic pairings already.
      btw, I read that Ariel & Bo-lin performed at Taiwan’s red & white show (similar to Japan’s Kouhaku) that will be aired on CNY. Bo-lin played the guitar with a band and performed the theme of ITWY. I think the show’s gonna be aired on GTV!
      miracles… if you believe, it will come. have a good week girl!


      • Oh yeah… I hope, one day, that miracle in Taiwan idol world will come true! I believe, it will come…. 🙂

        I think that show you were referring to, with Ariel & Bo-lin, will be aired in TTV? But I’m really more interested if the 10th year anniversary party of Ariel held last Sunday will be broadcasted in GTV. I know it was more of a celebration than a program but I think Ariel sang the songs from her past dramas, so I wanted to know if GTV will be airing it.

        Thanks girl! Hope you’ll have a good week as well! God bless…


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