Meteor Garden, and 17 years in between

Meteor Garden as a drama still makes us swoon over the leads, sing along to foreign songs and make us want to go places.

[music] earfun, kiitekudasai [4]

Kiritani Kenta’s Umi no Koe, Judy and Mary’s Overdrive and Andy Lau’s Forget Love Potion.

[pandatherapy] happy birthday darling dumpling!!!

Next to Arashi and CNBLUE, I fangirl pandas. They’re stress-free than idols and I guess it’s more embarrassing to be dubbed a panda hater than an anti-fan so the panda fandom is virtually free of negativity. Yesterday, Taipei Zoo’s Yuan Zai turned one. When was it when baby dumpling had to be separated from her…

[drama] YOU LIGHT UP MY STAR. not.

I have been looking forward to the Joe Cheng-Janine Chang drama YOU LIGHT UP MY STAR because the premise is really interesting about a very popular and successful onscreen tandem whose image begins to crack. Anything that offers a glimpse into the entertainment world is interesting to me so I was sold. But almost four…

[drama] ROCK N’ ROAD… #justmusic

No doubt that I am engrossed in this drama because I’ve spent an entire Sunday afternoon marathoning (and I’m not done yet–blame it on social media and other distractions) and I am blogging about it again. ROCK N’ ROAD really speaks to me as a fan of musicians who are passionate about their music. It…