Asia is full of pretty boys

(Asia is full of pretty boys part 1)

I might as well start a series on Asia being full of pretty boys or bishounen.

And they sell products that are supposed to make you pretty like them too.

For example, Roy Qiu why you so pretty for Shiseido and Lisei.

Then there’s my ichiban in Arashi, no less than Domyouji, selling mascara.

His new Fasio CM gets him to kiss Kiritani Mirei, who appeared with him in Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku.

I like this shot better.

Behind the scene:

Ain’t he pretty?

I’ve read comments though that they find Matsumoto Jun’s face weird. Only goes to prove once more that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What may be beautiful to you may be ugly to another. Different strokes for different folks.

MatsuJun is not the only male celebrity in the region to do commercials for beauty products.

Kimura Takuya has been doing it since 10 years or so ago, like in this one for Kanebo:

There’s also Mark Chao for Missha:

Korean stars of course can’t be far behind. Many of them have done it for The Face Shop and other homegrown products that I can just imagine would be a hit with their fans across the region.

Dear God, thank you I live in this region ne. Lots of pretty boys to look at. (Although sometimes, reality on the ground is different.)

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