dammit, Roy Qiu, why you so pretty… part deux

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 21)

Like I said, Shiseido won’t be the last time that Qiu Ze would be asked to endorse a cosmetics/beauty product. Now here comes Japan’s top hairstyling product, Liese (Lee-say).

Event was held on January 6. And Roy is looking kakkoi as usual.

邱澤, WHY YOU SO PRETTY?! Wae? Wae? Wae?

I’m just taking a break from writing a political story on Taiwan and the coming elections, its implications etc, and my mind’s been swimming in an ocean of history and politics… so I cannot write a coherent blog post. Anyway, looking at Qiu Ze’s photos always render me incoherent  it doesn’t really make a difference.

Photo sources here and here.

Dammit Qiu Ze, why you hotter than the sun and prettier than the girls?!

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