the J-girls

With Taiwan media hot on the heels of Jay Chou’s supposed romance with half-Taiwanese, half-Australian Hanna Quinlivan, let’s take a look at his romantic history.

Vivian Hsu – they were rumored when she wrote Ke Ai Nu Ren for his first album, Jay, in 2000. The two apparently had a bitter falling out over some copyright issues but they have since patched things up in 2007. She is currently dating businessman Leo Ho, whose family is said to be against the relationship because of her past (as a gravure model).

Jolin Tsai – Double J is perhaps one of the iconic relationships in Taiwan pop culture. They both started out at the same time and he wrote songs for her. They never admitted it until a bitter falling out in 2004 when he was caught by the paps with another girl in Tokyo. She is now dating model Vivian Dawson who is half-Kiwi, half-Singaporean.

Hebe – part of the pop group S.H.E., she appeared in one of Jay’s MVs. Their group also did commercials with Jay. Of the girls who have been linked to him so far, this one does not fit the stereotype. Her sexual orientation has also been highly speculated in Taiwanese media.

Patty Hou – a news reader turned actress and TV host, she is the only one (so far) who has been publicly acknowledged by Jay. They were caught in 2004 by paparazzi while strolling in Tokyo. The relationship lasted for two years. She’s now married to Ken Huang, the executive vice president of Citibank in Taiwan.

Jessie Jiang – model-turned-singer, she sang one of his songs in the movie, Secret, and appeared in one of his MVs. He has also written songs for her but some reports said he has opted to use another name as her songwriter to avoid rumors. When he was filming The Green Hornet in the US, they were rumored to be staying in the same hotel based on some photos they separately uploaded on the net. Exasperated at the persistent rumors, she said may she die fat if she’s lying.

Hannah Quinlivan – half-Taiwanese, half-Australian model who just turned 18 on August 12. Taiwan media said her trip to France was Jay’s birthday gift to her. She is an aspiring actress and reports said Jay is ready to buy her out of her NT$6-million- (US$206,000) contract. Loose change for Jay, if you ask me. When Jay was earlier asked about the romance, he said “let’s talk when you have a picture”. The paps was able to take a photo of the pair while getting off a boat in France, but from the back. He took to the net to taunt the media saying next time he will help them get photos with their faces. So is she or isn’t she?

So did I miss anyone? Some J-girl lurking in the shadows out there?

Jay is now 32. Men his age are either already married or thinking of settling down. But because of his stardom, it makes it even harder for him, how much more, even date like a regular guy. He once said the girl he will eventually settle down with needs to have the approval of his mother, who incidentally was with him in France. So does that mean anything? Of late, he’s also been expressing his desire for fatherhood. But oh my goodness Jay… if it happens now, is it gonna happen with an 18-year-old? Is she even ready to be a mom and give birth to the spawn of Chou Jie-lun?

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