Double J and their melody

Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai perhaps make up one of the most mythical pairings in Asian entertainment. They are literally a myth because they have never confirmed that they dated when they were just starting out. That’s why until now, more than a decade later, they’re still referred to as “rumored ex-couple”. Isn’t that funny?

But people believe what they want to believe. I don’t know what to believe anymore but for sure, they were special to each other at one point. It’s a pity things didn’t work out and at the same time a piece of good story especially looking at how they have become top stars in Taiwan and are their male/female counterparts in terms of success.



That’s why whenever they get together, the Taiwan press go into a tizzy with no fail. To this day, rumors still surround them, and one of the persistent ones is how they are supposed to be going into business ventures in China together. Not to mention of course the never-ending they’re-getting-back-together speculation.

Their appearance as presenters at this year’s Golden Melody held on July 6 was not as explosive though as Jolin’s guest appearance in Jay’s concert (twice) three years ago. They openly flirted with each other and their audience then.


In contrast, the Golden Melody appearance was tamed and they maintained a distance from each other, though Jay flirted but not without bringing up her “friend”. And no matter how many times Matilda Tao tried to make them hug, they didn’t budge. Video clips from the Golden Melody here.

Well, they may not have ended up together (their diehard shippers can always argue it’s not over till it’s over until one of them gets married) but they still have that palpable chemistry. Even if they are not making beautiful music for real anymore, they can still do it for reel.

I’ll have some YELLOW tea from Jay’s Mr J cafe please.

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