music: China’s banned romance

At least they didn’t ban Bad Romance.

It’s all over cyberspace now how China has banned the music of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Backstreet Boys and Simple Plan. I don’t really listen to Western music and the only song I know from the list is Backstreet Boys’ old hit, I Want It That Way. And I can’t fathom for the life of me why that song would be banned. Perhaps because it speaks of self-determination (I never wanna hear you say I want it that way), that to the old geezers at China’s ministry of culture, is something that should be discouraged even if it is coming from a bloody, shallow song from a boy band that is not even heard of now.

Here’s the list of the Western songs they blocked:

  • Beyonce: Run The World (Girls)
  • Owl City: Honey and the Bee, The Real World and Plant Life
  • Simple Plan: You Suck At Love, Can’t Keep My Hands Off You, Loser of the Year and Freaking Me Out
  • Katy Perry: E.T. and Last Friday Night
  • Natalie Walker: Uptight, Mars and Cool Kids
  • Britney Spears: Burning Up
  • Backstreet Boys: I Want It That Way
  • Lady Gaga: The Edge of Glory, Hair, Marry The Night, Americano, Judas and Bloody Mary

They have also banned songs by Taiwanese, HK and Japanese artists:

  • Yoga Lin: 林宥嘉 (Wake Up), 晚安 (Good Night) and 纪念品 (Souvenir)
  • Khalil Fong: 昙花, 情胜策略 and 无菇朋友
  • Rachel Liang: 一百万种亲吻 (One Million Kinds of Kisses) and 姐妹淘 (Sister Friend)
  • Ah Mei: 我最亲爱的 (My Dearest), 你在看我吗 (You Look At Me) and 还有眼泪就好 (Like Tears)
  • Jam Hsiao: 你 (You), 复制人 (Human Cloning), 狂想曲 (Rhapsody), 怎么说我不爱你 (How To Say I Do Not Love You) and 只能想念你.
  • Ken Hirai: Sing Forever, いとしき日々よ, Candy and R&B
  • Andy Hui: 一直相爱 (Been In Love), 忘了忘不了 (Forget Forget) and 从没这么爱恋过 (Never Had Such A Love)
  • Shawn Yue: 默背你的心碎 and  你说我太帅

The complete list here.

According to this article explaining the ban, sex, politics or religion could put a song on the blacklist but even songs about “youthful independence” may run afoul of censors.

As long as they don’t ban Arashi and Jay Chou songs, that’s fine by me.

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