Jerry is sick of what?!

Two weeks after I blogged that F4 is a bunch of depressed guys, reports came out that Jerry Yan has hypomanic disorder. Say again? Jerry is hypomanic?

I can tag this as part of my “selling the drama” series since these rumors started when Jerry went to China to start filming his My Wonderful Life drama. But I may have a lot of faith and confidence in the entertainment industry that they won’t go that low and use someone’s mental health to get free publicity.

What is hypomania anyway?

Hypomania in bipolar disorder is a state of mind and mood where a person may have excessive energy, little need for sleep, unusual exhilaration, irritability, excitement or aggression, and a variety of other symptoms. (Source)

It is characterised by an “extremely elevated mood” and may manifest in grandiose thinking and behavior, little need for sleep and recklessness.

I don’t know. Tell me which part in the reports show that Jerry has manifested any of those symptoms?

He may have some personality disorder but to be afflicted with bipolar disorder is perhaps extreme. But we never know. These people are subjected to more stress and pressure than we could ever imagine. I’m glad I’m not a star.

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