[blog] 31 things to love about Nino

It’s the 31st birthday of Arashi’s resident brat, Ninomiya Kazunari, also known as Nino, Neen, Kazu, Ninomi, Hollywood Sturr, Clint Eastwood’s friend, national gamer… and the list goes on and on.  But even if he is three decades and a year older, he will forever be 17.

nino 31

So on the occasion of his 31st birthday, I’m listing down 31 reasons why Mr Sexual Powerhouse is lovable.

1. He’s a brat. Hear him whine on Arashi shows and scream “yamete!” and you’ll know what I mean.

credit: kawaiichuu @ tumblr

credit: kawaiichuu @ tumblr

2. He’s stingy. He claims he doesn’t bring his wallet to work because there are four other people who do anyway and will pay for his meals.

3. He’s, erm, fashion-forward. No less than Arashi’s fashion icon.

nino fashion

4. He’s cocky. Who can claim in front of Emma Stone, Jamie Fox and Andrew Garfield that he’s a Hollywood Sturr and Clint Eastwood’s friend? And yet sound hilariously adorable? Oh he’s not lying, by the way.

Berlinale - 'Letters From Iwo Jima' Premiere - Arrivals

5. He’s a game otaku. Don’t we love otakus who give Nintendo games, which he endorses, to his bandmates as “gifts”?

6. He’s a good actor. Nino is a natural actor. Oh, and once those tears start flowing down, you can’t stop.

7. He is not afraid to make fun of Jun and gives the poor guy nicknames from J, Don Matsumoto J, Yakijun, J-san and my personal favorite: Junpon. The nicknames deserve a separate blog post in itself.

credit: matsumiya-a-day.livejournal.com

credit: matsumiya-a-day.livejournal.com

8. His hamburger hands.

9. Ohmiya.

credit: flange5.livejournal.com

credit: flange5.livejournal.com

10. Nino and guitar.

Credit: izumiarashi.blogspot.com

Credit: izumiarashi.blogspot.com

11. Nino and piano.

credit: umlitrodedorama.wordpress.com

credit: umlitrodedorama.wordpress.com

12. The way he obviously loves Aiba even if he bullies him.

credit: missaiba @ tumblr

credit: missaiba @ tumblr

13. His one-pack.


14. All those hilarious rumors about him and his girls.

15. His magic tricks that he always uses to charm their guests on SHIYAGARE while the rest of Arashi smirk knowingly (they’ve probably seen him practice those tricks so many times they can already do it themselves LOL).

16. The way he laughs at Sho’s jokes. Including the, uh, not so funny ones.

credit: marineko.dreamwidth.org

credit: marineko.dreamwidth.org

17. Nino and songwriting. He wrote FIGHT SONG, 1992*4##111 (from Boku no Miteiru Fukei), どこにでもある唄 (from Beautiful World) それはやっぱり君でした (from Popcorn), 20825-Nichi-me no Kyoku (from LOVE), Sketch (co-written with Sho), among many others.

18. His sharp wit. Yes, he sounds like a brat, looks like a brat and whines like a brat. But he is sharp-witted.

19. His dry sense of humor. He is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

20. His moles.

21. His posture. Though it’s sad because it is caused by his bad back but it gives him an endearing aura.

22. His low tolerance to alcohol. How to take you out, Neen?

23. The way he is portrayed in fan fiction. The witty comebacks, the shrewdness… I wonder if they ever approximate the real Nino.

24. He’s a trickster. Remember Ni no Arashi?

25. How can I forget, his unabashed love for… okane.


26. The way he’s embarrassed watching romantic scenes of Jun on SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER and would rather prefer his bandmates to take on roles like Riida’s KAIBUTSU-KUN. Innocent Nino? Think again… (see below)

27. Those Devil Nino Pocky commercials.

Credit: i-hontou-ni.tumblr.com

Credit: i-hontou-ni.tumblr.com

28. Nino and his devotion to Takeuchi Yuko.

nino over 1

29. Nino and megane.

Credit: randomraccoondog.tumblr.com

Credit: randomraccoondog.tumblr.com

30. His dorkiness.

31. His eternal youth.

nino forever 17

お誕生日おめでとうございます, Neen!!!

I wish you more money, more games, more dramas and films. But most of all, I wish you good health and happiness, and a girl who will tolerate you and let you live your life, pay for your meals and taxes too.

Okay, I can almost hear you say: Yamete!

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9 thoughts on “[blog] 31 things to love about Nino

  1. Lol this post is hilarious! The fashioin stuff on VSA is probably one of the few times we’re going to see Nino tsukkomi’ed by his bandmates. I think Sho derives no small amount of joy whenever the special day comes hehe ^^


    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they bribe the stylist to choose the most outrageous outfit for him to wear. Or if it’s Jun himself who picks those clothes. I’m sure he’d do it with relish hahahahaha

      and I crack up every time Sho does the VSA intro and then makes a double take at Nino and say in his usual aghast: “Ninomiya-san?!”


  2. LOL at the Pocky Devil Nino CMs! XD Happy Birthday to His Royal Bratness! I’d love to have a double birthday celebration with Nino today. For sure, he’ll intentionally leave his wallet, so I’d have to foot the bill. Haha


  3. Maybe, it’s only we, who love him, who will wish him in his birthday prayers like this: more money, more games, a girl who will pay for your meals and taxes too. XDDD

    And we who will pray so he can keep his dorkyness, and weird laugh all years to come.


    Happy Nino day^^

    Ohhhhhh, I love June, esp when it iced with Love DVD XDD

    (Psst and a new cute obouchama haircut!!! gyaaaaaaaaaaa dead, am dead really).


  4. I suggest that you make a post for each member like this one. I really like this kind of post. And also the one about Jun’s and all of his nicknames. Uhuh. Well, we really like to know more about these five bakas, aren’t we? Even if we know some of their personalities but we fangirls would like to read over someone’s work, telling us about all of their personalities he/she know about them and keep saying ‘Yeah!’, ‘So true!’ whenever we read it, deshou? And, I guess, you could do that kind of post since you kinda know a lot about them.

    I’m jealous, though~ ;P


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