everyone wants to look like a K-pop star

We just did a segment on this for TV… on how Taiwanese stars are being sent to Korea to learn new dance moves and acquire new looks (uh, a visit to Korea’s ‘beauty clinics’ maybe?).

It’s easy to spot the wannabes.

– bold use of eyeliner, check.

– edgy hairstyle, check.

– androgynous look, check.

Check out Van Ness Wu’s look for his new album. Where did the plain (not to mention, well-ironed hair that was the fashion then), clean-looking (if not plain) former F4 go?

Photos of Van Ness Wu taken from Universal Music's website

Before that, there was Aaron Yan, who went through some sort of rebirth and coming out … Korean? The Fahrenheit baby has become… the Fahrenheit body?

I dunno… I want variety in pop culture. I don’t want to tune into Mandopop and get confused thinking I am seeing Korean stars singing in Mandarin. Everyone doesn’t have to look and sound the same and uh, not everyone likes K-pop either.


2 thoughts on “everyone wants to look like a K-pop star

  1. omg…someone else who doesn’t love kpop.

    Though I do listen to some of their song’s because its catchy bu most definitely not a kpop fan.

    I like Wonder Girls though but for a different reason.


    • oh I like Wonder Girls too… their Nobody song. but I really don’t have patience with Kpop. I went to watch an SM concert once for my work and I got a headache afterwards I didn’t even finish it. but I’m fascinated by the phenomenon as a journalist. fascinated in the sense that I want to know what they see coz I don’t see it hahahaha!


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