just sayin’ #8

BUSAN – It’s CNBLUE Can’t Stop in Busan day and I’m sitting in my room looking out at Haeundae Beach and as my friend said, emotionally and physically preparing myself for tonight.

The last time I was in Busan about eight years ago, it wasn’t really a pleasant experience I called it Buwiset Busan (bullshit). But my memory is hazy about why. Now, I’m looking towards Bolmae Busan, the more you experience it, the more charming the place becomes.

Funny thing is, I haven’t even done this kind of thing for Arashi and I’ve been a fan for eight years. If I don’t count going to Gwangju for the Asia Song Festival in 2006 that is. I don’t really have this kind of opportunity with Arashi, flying to Tokyo or some other city to watch their concert because of FC limitations and they haven’t held concerts outside Japan since 2008. But if I do get that chance with getting the concert ticket not stressful, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

But here I am for CNBLUE after being a fan for six months. There are so many fangirl existential questions that confront me every now and then in this fandom that I may have to deal with after this trip.

In the meantime, I look forward to tonight’s concert. Unlike in Bangkok, which I watched as a reporter covering it, this time I’m going as a fan. And I hope to thoroughly enjoy the experience and just celebrate CNBLUE’s music.

Here’s hoping that everyone has the same mindset and not there to wave their shipping banners and throw fugly toys onstage. (I heard those are not allowed in Korea and Japan concerts that’s also why I chose to come here.) Because the truth is? Concerts are for CNBLUE fans to enjoy their music and not to feed delusions and create imaginary “moments” that does nothing but create more rabid fantards. Because doing that is totally disrespecting the hard work that Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin and Kang Minhyuk put into their music.



Just sayin’.

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5 thoughts on “just sayin’ #8

  1. Wow…enjoy your concert!…it must be fun to celebrating JYH birthday at his hometown in CS concert. Waiting your FA, and I think no ( or small maybe..since this is his BD ) delusional shippers in CNB concert @ K & J..,Just Music 🙂


    • unfortunately, there was a fugly frog or two that lost its way onstage. many were shocked at the gall of some fans to do it in a Korean concert. just goes to show…

      Btw I just did my FA on Busan (and also BKK) but it’s not much lol


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