[blog] battle royale in Japan’s spring dorama season

Wow, it’s looking more and more like a battle royale among this generation’s superstars in the spring drama season in Japan.

There’s Oguri Shun with BORDER, a detective drama, on Asahi.




Then there’s Arashi’s beloved Ohmiya with dramas of their own: Nino with the baseball-themed KOWAKUTEMO KATEMASU on NTV and Riida with SHINIGAMI-KUN on Asahi.


nino baseball drama


Nino’s drama reminds me SWING GIRLS and WATERBOYS as it focuses on a bunch of “losers” and how they succeed.



Another fantasy, non-human role again, Riida?!

Then today, it was announced that Uneo Juri will be starring in EUROPE KIKAKU’S 26TH CENTURY FOX on Fuji.



*Europe Kikaku is a famous theatrrical company based n Kyoto, according to AsianWiki.

The plot itself is very promising: A girl starts working for the 26th Century Fox, confusing it with the Hollywood 20th Century Fox. The storytelling is omnibus style and that makes me curious; does that mean each episode will have a separate story and different characters?

Also, the drama will be set in Kyoto, which is refreshing for a change from all the Tokyo-based doramas.

Of all the dramas that have been announced so far, Juri-chan’s 26TH CENTURY FOX piques my interest. It’s just my kind of genre, especially since it will be about a production company, which I’ve always found interesting.

I might give Nino’s drama a watch, the brat’s dramas are always interesting and poignant. Riida, I’ll try, okay? Shun is something I have seen before so I’m not really excited about it. And I can’t watch dramas unless my heart is in it… which brings me to SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER.

It’s ironic that I’ve been griping on how Jun’s fans have seemingly abandoned him just because they can’t stand him doing intimate scenes onscreen. Then there’s me who has stopped watching after the third episode. It’s not the intimate scenes that turn me off–I love Sota and Erena! It’s not Jun, it’s me the story. I will wait until Sota has gotten over his pathetic devotion to Saeko before I give it a try again because I do care to see what happens to the lives of Sota, Erena, Kauruko, Olivier and of course… Rikudo!!! But until Sota does not come to his senses, then, ChocoJun and I will not meet again. Bittersweet indeed.

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18 thoughts on “[blog] battle royale in Japan’s spring dorama season

    • wake me up once Sota has waken up from his stupor lol

      I can’t stand him pining for Saeko. I just want to wring his neck but I guess that says on how their acting is effective hahaha


      • hahaha! i think im with you this time lol. stopped watching after seeing the preview for ep 8.

        i wish it’s ep 11 already so we can move on to spring dramas.;p

        jun also wants it to be spring already … could it be that he also wants this miserable drama to be over? lol


      • sigh, tonight is the pre-finale episode. I’m just waiting for how it ends and if it goes the way of the team I am batting for, I might watch it. if not… it will truly be bittersweet but more on the bitter hahahaha


      • yes… funny as always! i cant imagine sato ryuta like that. after all he was the toughie who beat jun’s ban shogo in bambino. im happy he accepted the role.

        im happy i dont have to wait till ep 8 or 9 for the characters to ****** lol. im now thinking how this drama will end… im hoping it wont break my heart hahaha.


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