[blog] #ThankYou2015 #Hello2016, highlights, wish list and then some.

Time really flies when you’re having fun. Or you’re busy juggling work and play. Or constantly shuttling between fandoms.

The highlights of my fangirl life in 2015:

  1. Arashi’s Japonism tour in Osaka
  2. Arashi’s Japonism album – not my top favorite but I like it nonetheless.
  3. Arashi’s Blast in Hawaii DVD – one word: helicopter; there’s always something special about their outdoor concerts.
  4. Arashi’s Digitalian DVD – their Suppin’ is always fun to watch they can release a DVD full of BTS and I will buy and watch for days on end.
  5. Arashi’s Sakura – special mention to this single because it was the first time they provided the theme song for a drama that does not star any of the members. And it was an Oguri Shun-Ikuta Toma-Uneo Juri drama too!
  6. Jung Yonghwa’s One Fine Day solo album – he’s such a talented musician and I hope he gets more recognition; I watched two of his shows and he’s such a total performer.
  7. CNBLUE’s 2gether album – for the first time, I liked the Korean album more than the Japanese one (though Colors is not so bad); the band’s sound continues to evolve and their courage to experiment is worth noting when people constantly look for the familiar.
  8. CNBLUE’s Be a Supernova in Budokan – I also went to their White in Yokohama and Supernova in Osaka but Budokan was special.
  9. BIG BANG MADE concert – it was the first time I watched them in concert and it was fun.
  10. BIG BANG phase – I also went through a phase where I listened to their songs–old and new–nonstop for a month; unfortunately, for some reason, I can’t listen to their music now and it’s me, not anything else.

What are the things I am looking forward to in 2016? I honestly don’t know what to expect. I’m still not over the fact that 2015 is over. It just breezed by so fast. But I do have a wish list:

  1. Matsumoto Jun drama – his last drama was Shitsuren Chocolatier in 2014 and it feels awfully long. Other Arashi members had films, dramas and shows last year but this dude chose not to accept any work, other than CMs. I reckon he must have been busy with their concert tours. It would be great if it will be an action drama too, to make use of all the stunts he learned from This is MJ. I won’t mind a second season of Lucky Seven too. Bring back Nitta and Shuntaro!
  2. Arashi drama collaboration – what I would do for a Matsumiya drama collaboration or a Sakumoto one. Or just give me two Arashi members in a drama like Sakumiya in Yamataro, onegaishimasu.
  3. Arashi drama special – okay, if I can’t get a drama season, I will happily settle for an SP similar to Saigo no Yakusoku. Though I doubt this from happening since 17th year is not really as special as say, the 10th (for which they did SNY) but it’s free to dream.
  4. Arashi tour OUTSIDE Japan – but this would be asking for the moon, stars and the entire universe. I do get that even in Japan alone, Arashi can’t meet their market demand. They’re not just idols and singers, they also have individual careers and doing a tour would mean doing less of their other work. But every year is a new chance to hope for an Arashi Around Asia or a Blast in Asia/World tour. Hope springs eternal after all.
  5. Matsumoto Jun cooking show – many fans have been wishing for this and since he loves to cook, why not take advantage of it then. Hello, Fuji? NTV?
  6. This is MJ showdowns – here’s my wish list: any of the Arashi members, Higashiyama senpai, Eita, Oguri Shun and Hiroshi Abe.
  7. CNBLUE on Music Station – Colors topped the Weekly Oricon chart and it was a wasted chance for them to appear on the show. I still doubt whether MSta is open to inviting Korean artists again but they did invite BoA for the year-end superlive. And CNBLUE has a solid Japanese market. It would be great to see them on the show!
  8. Satoshi Ohno’s Freestyle – please come to Southeast Asia!
  9. ANJELL reunion – it would be fun to see one of Korea’s favorite fictional bands come together again especially now that all four members are successful in their own right. Make it happen, SBS, juseyo.
  10. Arashi x CNBLUE – A guesting on VS Arashi or Shiyagare would be a perfect platform. Disclaimer: if #7 is not possible, how much more this but a fangirl can dream.

Thank you 2015 for the wonderful moments and looking forward to more in 2016!




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