[blog] the BITTERSWEET road to liking this song

… Or comparing liking a song to falling in love.

There are songs that hit you right in the gut. Just like there is love at first sight, there is love at first listen.

But there are songs that need to be listened to over and over again until you fall in love with it. Sometimes, love takes time to develop too.

Then there are those songs that, no matter how many times you listen to, you’ll never have the same feelings for them. Just like love too, it can’t be forced.

I thought it was the third case for BITTERSWEET, the theme song to MatsuJun’s SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER. The first time I heard it, I was like… what is this? It’s too bland and too soft! It does not sound like them!




Turns out, Arashi themselves had the same thought the first time they heard the demo. They couldn’t even tell which was the bridge or the chorus, which was one of the first quibbles I had. There’s just no high or low point to the song.

I even thought perhaps they changed their songwriters. While I welcome a new sound for them, I certainly didn’t like them sounding like other J-pop groups. BITTERSWEET sounded something like those other groups would sing.

When they sang it live on MUSIC STATION, my dislike was kind of mollified, especially since the choreography done by Riida was so upbeat and interesting. But still, it was not enough to really take to the song.

No matter how many times I listened to it, often while watching ChocoJun (or how fans call SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER), I just couldn’t get into its groove, which was kind of frustrating because I badly wanted to like it all out of loyalty.

But then, I don’t know what happened. When I watched the Valentine’s Day performance on MUSIC STATION, I suddenly found myself liking the song. Well, even before then, I was developing feelings for it already but I wasn’t sure if it was out of loyalty, pity or if I sincerely really liked it.

The song has been on loop in my head since then. I find myself humming the song at odd times of the day and that brings a smile.

It must be love.

Lyrics, romanji and translation here. Sing along with Arashi here.)

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8 thoughts on “[blog] the BITTERSWEET road to liking this song

  1. Lovely post, as always.

    Ahhh yes, I feel you! I don’t think I would ever have liked this song if I didn’t see it with Riida’s choreo, and even with choreo, it took me a couple of viewings to really be able to latch onto a distinguishable melody. I’m actually really glad that they revealed this song on Heyx3 before teasing us with a PV (because I’m pretty sure I would be much more likely to lose interest if I had seen the PV first; this song *needed* the fluffy dance moves to sell, imo)

    But now, I just can’t get enough of it! It’s been looping all week, and I just hate that I don’t already have my copy in the mail yet because I want it on my iPod so badly so I could loop it all day, too.

    It’s pretty interesting that Arashi was also like “wtf?” when they heard the demo (where did you get that info btw? I have not been watching/reading much Arashi news recently so I feel like I don’t know a lot of the behind-the-scenes for Bittersweet). I wonder what it was that convinced them to do this song in the end.

    By the way, have you listened to the coupling tracks for this single? There’s some pretty good stuff in there ;P

    And, I really do look forward to Arashi’s next single now that both Nino and Riida have dramas announced 🙂 I am a loyal fan and will buy any music they make just because it’s *them* but I do rather enjoy that rush of pride that wells up inside me when I see them produce something that’s just absolutely breathtakingly STUNNING (like Truth, or Face Down, or the LOVE album, or whatever other awesome music that I’m too lazy to list), and then see the rest of the world acknowledge it, too.

    Ganbattekudasai, Arashi-san!!


    • I’m glad I’m not alone!!! lol

      I read that tidbit about BITTERSWEET in one of the translations. I was actually trying to find it for this post. I guess it came from J-web or the liner notes in the single? if I’m not mistaken, it was Nino who pointed out that he couldn’t even tell which was the bridge or the chorus of the song. one reason why they did it was because they found it different lol

      yes, I know what you mean about swelling with pride. I also loved POPCORN with all its fluffiness and LOVE is just love. the diversity in the latest album is just so amazing!!!

      I’m also looking forward to the new singles from the new dramas. I’m pretty sure the one for Riida’s drama will be extra good given its subject. after all, we got TRUTH from his drama too. XD


      • Ah, okay. Thanks for the info on Bittersweet! I’m sure the boys had tons of fun recording it and learning the choreo… I’m really looking forward to getting my copy in the mail now :))

        And Truth is just… legendary status ;P


  2. I love how you liken liking a song to falling in love. A very good analogy!

    Anyway, i wasn’t aware of their MS performance. Now that you mentioned it, i gotta search for it… and damn it was ‘cute’! Plus it’s Arashi in white! ❤


  3. Just fire that stupidoihdkjfhg PV director nad whoever that made the PV to be like that. A poop fail!
    The MSte perf should be the PV!!


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