drama: Lucky Seven’s dog & monkey

My ichiban in Arashi, MatsuJun, plus Eita. Then there is Matsushima Nanako, who played Tsubaki, the onesan of Domyoji in Hana Yori Dango. Who can’t say no to Fuji TV’s Lucky Seven?

I’m not really big on detective dramas and wasn’t into Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de except I liked the pairing of Sho-chan and Kitagawa Keiko. But Lucky Seven is more fun and gritty, especially the interactions between Jun-kun’s character Shuntaro and Eita’s Nitta.

Eita really plays goofy well, especially when he’s trying to annoy the earnest Shuntaro. But when he appeared as guest, together with the other Lucky Seven cast on on the game show VS Arashi, he was subdued. My friend @ailamarie said it’s because actors are not really used to appearing on shows like that. Watching him in that VSA episode, I felt he looked so displaced but Eita is still Eita.

The fight scene ala Fight Club between Shuntaro and Nitta in episode one was well choreographed. I read an article that said Eita felt sorry for hitting Jun-kun, who told him to hit him harder. He said in real life they’re good friends. Awwww. In the future, I want to see Eita watching an Arashi concert, just like Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma, waving an uchiwa.

There are some GIFs taken from tumblr of the fight scene. They also have a fight scene–but not with each other but against four goons–in episode two.

(Photos credit as tagged)

Shuntaro and Nitta hate each other’s guts the first time they meet that they call each other dog and monkey, but we all know that they will grow into a formidable detective duo.

And I say this not because Matsujun is my so-called bias but he’s one of Japanese idols who is not scared to experiment with his roles, notable of which is SMILE, which tackled biracial issues. I couldn’t blame him if this was a conscious decision to get away as much as possible from the Domyoji shadow because while he owned that role, he can’t forever be playing those types.

Speaking of Nazo-di, there is going to be an SP. Kageyama and his lady will be back.

In the meantime, Shuntaro and Nitta will do the detective work.

Watch Lucky Seven on Dramacrazy with three options on where to stream it.

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