Eita & his drama plants

Eita has two dramas this season: the divorce drama SAIKOU NO RIKON and bromance MAHORO EKI MAE BANGAICHI. I still have a hangover from Nitta of LUCKY SEVEN so I watched SAIKOU NO RIKON.

Now, what’s with Eita and his drama plants?

He had that moss plant in LUCKY SEVEN.

eita & plant

The previous moss plant died because Shuntaro failed to take care of it and he even has a memorial of the poor plant (the photo on his desk).

In SAIKOU, he has a bonsai.

etia & plant2

The bonsai is his only concern when an earthquake struck and he sends an SMS to his wife asking about the plant’s welfare.

*Both screen grabs are courtesy of @greyhavens

Eita is one actor who can shift between leading man and support roles with ease. He can do comedy or drama, or both. In LUCKY SEVEN, his rough and upright Nitta who loved to bully his junior was hilarious but in SAIKOU, his inflexible Mitsuo oftentimes borders on the strange and annoying. It just goes to show the range of characters he can play onscreen. Not to mention the variety of plants he can grow onscreen too.

Some quotes from Mitsou, Eita’s character in SAIKOU:

“Marriage is the most vicious man-made illness… Marriage is an endless torture session.”

He says that of course while lying on the dentist chair; more like a case of opening his big mouth?

A colleague gives him the words of wisdom below:

“Eating with two people is dinner. But with one, it’s just feed.”

I want to have Eita’s moss plant or a marimo ball. You don’t have to feed them anything but water.


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