movie: Paradise Kiss

Tuesday nights are usually spent watching and rewatching Office Girls until I get tired of the newest episode and short of memorize the lines. But I reckon, watching Kitagawa Keiko is better than trying to resist the urge to flick my finger on the laptop screen every time Tia Li appears onscreen.

So Paradise Kiss it is.

Osamu Mukai and Keiko are two of the most gorgeous pairings I have seen, though I still have to decide which is better–watching Mukai preen in his hat or Qiu Ze as Qin Zi Qi act adorable.

I didn’t read the manga so I am quite clueless on the story and the general feel. In short, no expectations on this one, which may be a good or bad thing.

Since this is a fashion-oriented material, there’s an abundance of beautiful people and pretty, edgy clothes in the film.

I just wish that the flow of the film was as absorbing. You can only gape enough at all that gorgeousness going on onscreen but it gets boring if there’s lifelessness about everything.

There’s something lacking… is it the editing? Or the soundtrack? There are some nice songs that perk up the production every now and then but it’s not consistent. This film is about fashion! Colors! Passion! But I can barely feel any of that here.

Good thing there’s Mukai.

Seriously, the teaser was more funky:

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