Well, Hello Qiu Ze: man + cat = ke ai hotness

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 18)

Now, this is what’s really hot.

Qiu Ze and Hello Kitty team up for Miss Sofi.

I swooned the first time I saw this on his Weibo. How ke ai can he get?

I didn’t even know a brand like this exists but they’ve got some marketing savvy, putting together Taiwan’s man of the hour and the symbol of cuteness.

And never have I envied a cat with no mouth this much. Meow.

And this lucky little girl.

Did I just hear a cat purr?

But oh, how his fans screamed in this video and this, I was startled. (I’m amused at the mainland accent as compared to the Taiwanese one, especially in saying “Qiu Ze”, which has a softer twang to it.)

It has never ceased to amaze me, the power of celebrity and how they could elicit the loudest of screams from fans. I’ve never screamed except in Jay Chou and Arashi concerts. When I see a celebrity, it’s mostly for work so I can’t exactly scream my lungs out, no matter if it will be Jay Chou or yes, Qiu Ze. But yeah, I’ve had fans screaming at my ear at certain coverages.

Take a bow, Qiu Ze, why you so hot?

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4 thoughts on “Well, Hello Qiu Ze: man + cat = ke ai hotness


    OMG… how can one person be so cute yet hot at the same time? And yet Roy also conveniently achieved both so easily. I almost died. Hahaha.


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