movie: apple of Taiwan’s eye

It’s the season for nice, successful films in Taiwan right now.

After Eddie Peng’s Jump Ashin, here comes The Apple Of My Eye, based on the love story of famous writer Giddens Ko.

Angie Cai, Taiwan’s most famous and powerful female impresario, co-produced this through her Star Ritz. When I interviewed her last January, she was all about The Apple Of My Eye and talked a lot about Giddens. Too bad Giddens wasn’t in the office. It would have been an honor to meet such a very successful writer.

One of Giddens’ well-known novel is The Killer Who Never Kills that was recently made into a movie that starred Jam Hsiao. In this interview in February, Giddens said he would want to have Jay Chou playing the lead role. Perhaps Jay was too busy, or too expensive, to play the part so they got Jam instead. The rights to the novel has also been sold to Hollywood. Maybe they’d have Justin Bieber in it.

Back to The Apple Of My Eye, it has earned NT$120 million (US$4 million) in just five days. It has surpassed the record set by Monga. This is impressive considering that the movie does not have any big name stars in it. In fact, aside from Michelle Chen, who is not exactly a big star in Taiwan, the rest of the cast are newbies.

Cai-jie mentioned that the male lead star is the son of her friend. She discovered him when his mother brought him to one of their gatherings and she noticed the boy has grown up. He seemed interested in the entertainment business so she took a chance with him. My article from that interview here (the title You Are The Apple Of My Eyes I used in the story was based on initial promotional posters of the film).

Trailers of the film:

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