Jerry Yan has a new drama… and shorter hair

First, a quiz. How many people does it take to assist a star?


And how many to usher him inside a building?


Asian stars sure are a pampered lot.

I wonder then how many people it took to cut Jerry Yan’s hair then? Oh and hey, shorter hair fits him, makes him look younger. The longish do, ala Dao Ming Si, was getting to be boring and tiring.


(Photo credits as tagged, taken from on FB.)

The short do is for his new drama, BECAUSE OF LOVE (also called IN LOVE WE TRUST), which is currently filming in Beijing.

Jerry co-stars with mainland actress Hai Lu and Taiwanese actress Alice Tseng. According to other blogs and scant information about the drama, whose rights reportedly have already been bought in many Asian countries, Jerry plays an ad director who temporarily loses his vision, while the girl lost her hearing when she was 18. Stuff melodramas are made of indeed.

Here’s a long trailer. I mean, 20 minutes for a teaser alone? What is this, an epic drama 200 episodes long that 20 minutes won’t matter in revealing the plot? But wait, what else do we need to know except it’s Jerry Yan with short hair, riding a motorcycle, rollerblading… and did I say, short hair (and no, I don’t mean the girl)?

It sure feels like a long time since I have watched a Taiwanese/Chinese drama that my ears got a shock earlier from the higher decibel when watching the trailer. I guess I’ve been used to the steady hum in Japanese dramas, even when they are shouting, yes.

And given the plot, and coming from THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS (she was blind, you know), I’m not sure if the storyline of BECAUSE OF LOVE appeals to me. But what the heck, for the sake of my first love, then maybe I’ll give it a watch. Yes, we all have a first love don’t we? And I mean that Asian pop idol that made us go crazy the first time. And my so-called first love in particular does not seem to age. How long has it been? Twelve years? Ah, it must be the hair.

I’ll have some WHITE tea, preferably, Master Kang’s jasmine tea, please.

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13 thoughts on “Jerry Yan has a new drama… and shorter hair

  1. I think the short hair was for his latest drama 恋恋不忘, which recently wrapped up after 3 months of filming in China with Chinese actress Tong Liya, where he played a CEO who had a one night stand and realised he had a son only 7 years later; whereas the trailer was for the drama 因为爱, which was filmed end of last year till early this year with Chinese actress Hai Lu. Not one but two new dramas. Plus, he had a Taiwanese movie released last year (Ripples of Desire) where he played a pirate. A few options out there for you to get your first-love-Jerry-fix.


  2. you got it right..and now another movie as DETective Zenigata of LUpin III !>….ahhhh, Jerry is my first love too and in fact still my only love ,you know, watching and updated with all his projects …, He’ll do a JApanese movie as Detective Zenigata another very interesting movie for a very interesting personality of Jerry Yan!..


  3. I’ve been told that I have weird taste in guys, and at this point I’ve learned to accept it rather than deny it. That being said, I’m not really diggin’ the short hair on Jerry. Yes, I just said that, and no I’m not insane (at least, I hope not). Any who, while girls (and guys, too I guess) around the world are cheering and praising his new hair, I’m the wet blanket who’s curled up in a fetal position. It doesn’t mean that Jerry is no longer crush worthy, it just means that his hair will be missed.


  4. Hello – can anyone tell me if this drama has been aired already? I am so looking forward to it but there don’t seem to be any updates on it…


  5. love Jerry Yan my ultimate crush the sole reason I’ve become addicted to watch asian novela I guest all of us did hahaha the fever goes on…Jerry hope you will have more projects to come that will showcase ur acting ability or challenging role that will give u more award winning role that will market you not only in asia whether short hair or long hair doesn’t matter as long as it’s Jerry Yan♡♡♡


  6. Hi guys im one of the million fans of jerry yan….i just greeted him today on his nlog and fb….as to inform you is not yet released with eng sub for this in love we trust but the loving never forgetting already has but not yet furnished for still some of the episodes arent subbed….


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