Arashi’s red string

I like the concept of the red string, which is a Chinese and Japanese legend. It’s called the red string of fate or red string of destiny.

(Photos for this post are from nada醬 at Weibo)

According to this East Asian myth, an invisible red string is attached to the ankles of a man and woman who are soulmates and destined to get married one day. In Japanese culture, it’s said to be attached to the pinkie. This concept has been used in last year’s Hong Kong hit, Hot Summer Days (wasn’t it just yesterday that Da S was being linked to Peter Ho and was wearing a short wig in this movie? now she’s married to Wang Xiao Fei). The myth has also been used extensively in mangas. And in this photoshoot of my favorite five baka boys.

One Chinese myth goes that a young boy, while walking home one night, saw the deity for marriage, Yue Xia Lao. The matchmaker god (more like the grandpa version of Cupid) told the young boy that he is attached to his destined wife by a string. He then showed the boy the young girl who will be his wife. But because he was young and the boy did not have any interest in girls, much more marriage, he picked up a rock, threw it at the girl and ran away.

Fast forward to years later when the boy is now a man on his wedding night. His wife awaits him in the bedroom wearing a heavy veil and when he lifts it, he is delighted to see that she is one of the beautiful girls in their village. However, he noticed that she was wearing an adornment on her eyebrow. When he asked why, she said it was to cover up a scar she got when a boy threw a rock at her when she was young.

So the next time, be careful who you throw that rock at. You never know if they’d grow up to be one of these boys:

A red string also connects these boys because they are soul brothers.

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