music: when Glay covers Arashi

What happens when Jrock band Glay covers Jpop group Arashi?

I just know about Glay through tweet feeds I get from my Jpop sources. I haven’t listened to their music, in the same way that I know Yoshiki and X-Japan but I don’t know their music. It’s not just my genre.

But these guys, I listen to them a lot. Their songs are pills of happiness. As @nuala said, they are good when they do their usual fare of we’re-just-enjoying-life performances and their touching ones. In short, Arashi does fun and drama very well together.

So yeah. What happens when Love So Sweet, the pop theme from Hana Yori Dango 2, is covered by rockers? Here’s what happens.

I wanted to include here one of the Love So Sweet live version of Arashi but YouTube took no time in swooping down on the video I uploaded. C’est la vie.

Jpop Asia has a collection of Arashi PVs here. Here’s the official PV, one of the cutest ones because of the concept. I mean, Arashi as mannequins trapped in a shop window?

(I wonder if this JohnnysArashi YouTube account is legit; must be considering that none of the PVs have been taken down.)

I love Arashi but I also love listening to the covers that other artists make of their songs. A handful of string orchestras have done medleys of their songs and I love listening to these especially as a background when I’m doing something else.

♫ Let’s sing! ♫

♬ omoide zutto zutto oikaketa yume futari ga tooku he ittemo… ♬

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