Farewell, Abhisit

This is the prime minister that Thailand is about to lose.

Ooutgoing Thai Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva prepares to kick the ball in a special football match in Bangkok on Wednesday. July 27. Political reporters' Politic FC hosted the event to raise funds for the family of Channel 5 cameraman Sornwichai Kongtannikul, a victim of last week's Black Hawk helicopter crash. (Photo from The Nation newspaper)

Despite living for seven years in this SE Asian kingdom, I still can’t understand the Thai psyche, especially its politics, and I have given up. Maybe Abhisit is ahead of his time and Thais are not ready yet for the kind of statesman that he is. They need someone who’s flashy with a swagger (sorry, a British accent or Oxford education won’t make the cut). Well, it’s their country.

Abhisit is preparing to leave Government House and said to be recording a farewell speech on August 1. He won’t really be out of the limelight as he will still be in parliament. Thank goodness for small mercies.

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