Joseph Chang, the rough diamond

I wouldn’t have imagined Joseph Chang in an idol drama but he is one reason why I love watching Love You. If it wasn’t him playing Song Jie-xiu, I don’t think the character would be endearing despite his annoying ways.

Just look at this photo:

This is the first time I have watched Joseph Chang and I had reservations when I first heard that he was acting opposite Rainie Yang. He’s no Mike He. But I’m glad he’s no idol because it gives him room to play with the character.

Of course if you follow his career, it won’t be a surprise that he can get away with a role like this. He’s one of the talented actors from Taiwan, where “talent” is overrated, seriously.

If there’s still doubt about his talent, then Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia might help erase that. The Taiwanese icon (let’s just say she was the Zhang Ziyi during her time, though I’m not sure if that is a fair comparison) has just launched her book, “Inside and Outside the Window”. In one chapter, she talks about her friend, director Yonfan’s knack for discovering new talent. Yonfan directed Prince of Tears that starred Joseph and she could not bear to leave the theater after watching him. She did not even know who Joseph was and she told Yonfan to tell the actor to work hard because he will be a diamond in the future.

Now, how many idols have received such kind of praise?

Joseph Chang, you’re the man.

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