life in the time of corona

So. I thought that working from home will give me lots of time to write. But all the writing I ever get to do is work-related. WFH has removed all the barriers between work and home that I feel I am on-call 24/7 and there simply is barely time for leisure writing like this. With this unprecedented global crisis, we just do what we can to cope. Here’s what’s been keeping my quarantine life more bearable:

ARASHI’s Diary Voyage — I have at least two post backlogs on my takeaways from this and while I have watched the episodes several times (now at episode 7), I am always caught in physical inertia to translate my thoughts to words on the screen (because that means typing). But I have to say that episode 6 on the hiatus was not as emotionally draining as I expected, probably because I am always fascinated with behind-the-scenes so my emotions get stalled.


Arashi Voyage


ARASHI’s concerts on YouTube — If someone told me in 2005, when I first became an Arashian, that ARASHI will give their content for free on the internet in 2020, I would have thought it’s the end of the world (it does feel like that sometimes amid this pandemic). I have lost count of the number of times I have watched [untitled] and ARAFES ’12 since they uploaded these two concerts a week apart starting from April 11. It’s a small detail that I own the DVDs to these concerts and have digital copies of them too. I am happy that the world can finally see what an ARASHI concert is like and perhaps won’t look back from there. But Voyage on Netflix should be required as a watching companion for the YouTube concerts to better appreciate all the time, ideas and efforts that go into producing an ARASHI concert. Matsumoto Jun is a visionary, but an ARASHI concert is not possible without the inputs and efforts of the other members as well as very capable crew who support them (“Make it work,” MJ tells one of them in an earlier episode). Both [untitled] and ARAFES ’12 showcase why their concerts are awesome and the gold standard for concert stages in Japan…but wait until the world sees Japonism.

These concerts are up for only a limited (unspecified) time (I’m guessing until the pandemic is over):





ARASHI’s social media updates — Let’s start with Wash Your Hands and the demonstration video that accompanies it, which has been an effective campaign (family and friends told me they started washing their hands thoroughly including the back after watching the video). Then there are the IG Lives they have done and the now almost-weekly Instagram Story updates (except Thursdays and Sundays). Imagine if ARASHI weren’t on social media? Well, life would still go on, but their presence on the platform surely makes quarantine days more bearable. Plus we also get first-hand information on what they’re up to while they self-quarantine (Riida cooking, Nino–what else is new–gaming, Sho shredding documents, and Jun and Aiba reading manga). ARASHI always so relateable.




Hospital Playlist — I seldom watch dramas while they’re airing because…the agony. Hospital Playlist is an exception and what drew me in was because it’s by the team behind Prison Playbook and the Reply series. I’m not even that familiar with the cast (and I am largely still influenced into watching a drama or film if I know the cast) but they’re all so good, especially Cho Jung-suk. It’s slice-of-life, which is rare for Korean dramas, so it doesn’t keep you on edge for the next episode. I watch it as soon as it’s up on Netflix on Thursday nights then rewatch it again before sleeping.

Hospital Playlist


2gether: The Series — it’s only my second time to watch a BL series (I gave Ossan’s Love a try) and didn’t expect to get hooked. The series is updated on YouTube on Fridays and they’re now on the ninth of 13 episodes. Considering this is by GMMY, one of the largest entertainment agencies in Thailand, the production values are surprisingly below par, but as a friend said, you’re not here for the depth or the set, but for the eye candy. The series also introduced me to Bright Vachirawit (the song Kan Goo that he sings for the OST has been on loop for days now) and made me homesick for Thailand.




Happy Color — Before the pandemic, I have picked up on doodling again but this app is easier because I don’t have to draw from scratch. It’s just hard on the eyes though especially if you’re doing it at night to induce sleep. My favorite categories are places, nature, and food (the amount of pancake drawings I colored is an indication of what I’ve been craving for the most while on lockdown).


Happy Color


Adorable Home — It really caters to my dream of having cats at home. The app recently opened its bathroom section. I wonder what’s next–will they make a kitchen and dining area?


Adorable Home

We gotta do what we can to cope. We don’t know when this health crisis will be over so in the meantime, we have to do our part–wash our hands, wear masks and maintain physical distance when outside, and stay home.



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5 thoughts on “life in the time of corona

  1. I agree that quarantine is getting stressful lately. My cousin who is in the Capital doing WFH; admitted her tax and accounting workload triple than when she is at the office. She barely had time to eat. And well social interaction is almost zero. There is not even a break from work in which where she usually can joke around with her officemates. Now it’s all business.

    I am however currently at a small city. We do get the city lockdown but my family and I can still open our shop. Luckily ours is in front of my house so I get to walk back and forth.

    We had to wear masks though. We provided a faucet for customers to wash their hands (I had watched Arashi – Wash Your Hands video more than 15x and that’s saying something 😂. I love it though it made me feel warmed somehow. It’s the magic of Arashi! ).

    It’s sanitized 2-3x a day. It’s really hard to breath so I often went home for a little break from the mask.

    I feel like a lab doctor too, experimenting and making my own sanitizer (WHO recipe of course! 😀 ).

    If you watch drama lately, may I recommend a completed drama? Take NiF I (Nirvana in Fire 1). I love this intelligent drama a lot.

    I pray and wish you a safe and healthy condition in this pandemic. I am always reading your posts whenever I got the email. Knowing you are okay is great. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the comment and apologies for the late reply!

      And thank you for sharing your anecdote on how coronavirus is like for you. Maybe I should try making my own sanitizer too, seeing how this crisis will extend for months until a vaccine becomes available.

      I’ll give Nirvana in Fire 1 a try! Thank you for the recommendation and stay healthy, safe and sane!


  2. I hate watching series that are on going, too. I have the patience to wait for the series to finish but no patience to wait for the next episode 😂 My cousin recommended Prison Playlist to me and said that Reply series and Hospital Playlist have the same PD. I love the reply series so i am gonna watch the playlist series, too. Planning to watch the thai series, too.

    I find working from home much stressful and tiring. You’re cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner and in between you have to clean your place while workingq. So many office work and house chores. I am an introvert and homebody but i miss socializing and going out now. 😅

    The wash your hands song made me realize again how arashi biased i am. They were the one who released it last and heard it from the other groups but it did nothing to me. After arashi, i keep humming it and washed my hands properly (i do even before this pandemic but u get me 😂). Arashi uploading their concerts is a great but the comments from non-fans made it even better. I love reading comments from them, some even bought the dvds cause they were so amazed. Sucks that their kokuritsu got postponed because imagine what things/new technology jun has in store for an open venue. Seriously can’t wait to see it.

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    • I just saw your comment now!
      Yes, WFH is really stressful. Going to work–tne entire process of getting ready to leave the house–really does a lot to help us identify the line between work and play, Now, there’s no more of that line. I feel you on how you miss socializing and going out now!

      Having ARASHI on social media is indeed a precious gift. Imagine if they weren’t, we’d wonder how they are and it would take some time before information about them gets to the public. Their posts do help a lot in breaking the monotony of quarantine life!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and apologies again for only seeing it now ><

      Let's stay safe and stay sane 🙂


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