[TV] icon meets idols on SHIYAGARE

Alternative title: Will I still love you when you’re 58?

Last Saturday’s SHIYAGARE episode will go down as one of my recent favorites. And to think I didn’t even know who Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi is before this and was curious over the hoohah that his guesting was creating.

After reading up on him, I expected a snobbish, cocky superstar but I was surprised to find a down-to-earth dude who loved to troll his hosts.

This episode returned to the core of what ARASHI NI SHIYAGARE is all about: Arashi learning from their aniki (brother) guest. While as a concept that is very limiting especially on the guests they can invite to the show, the fact that it’s still the heart of Shiyagare despite changes over the years makes the Nagabuchi sensei episode very special.

Nagabuchi-san, who has a deity status in Japan, brought some of his precious guitars with their rich history to the studio, made Arashi pick what they want to use, taught them guitar techniques and some harmonica too, composed a short song with them and performed it with the five dorks at the end of the show.

Some screencaps to show why the episode is a must-watch (screencaps credit to @deshow_k @ Twitter):


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All in all, it was a very entertaining episode that showcased a lot of dorkiness, trolling (especially on Riida and Jun), laughter, spontaneity (which is a gift that never stops giving when it comes to Arashi) and music.

By the end of the show, I have become a fan of Nagabuchi sensei too.

And while they may be from different generations–Nagabuchi-san is 58 while Arashi are in their early 30s–they have many things in common, foremost of which is their ability to transcend their fame and be ordinary.

That was on display with the work they did post-2011 Great East Japan earthquake. The way they reached out to the affected areas in their professional and personal capacities (Arashi’s personal endeavors though were not covered and only through eyewitness accounts) and the way ordinary people can relate to them is something that I find interesting.

Nagabuchi-san’s fans range from kids to oldies. The same is true with Arashi. Their appeal cuts across ages and gender. But it’s even more amazing for Nagabuchi-san considering he’s not exactly a young idol and yet he is still able to pull in thousands of people to his concerts. He has made his work socially relevant too and part of that largely comes from the foundation he has built and the years he has spent in the industry that earned him admiration and respect from the public even to the point of being accorded deity status. I would wish for Arashi to have that stature when they’re his age (not sure though about the deity part because it’s difficult to imagine them especially Nino being accorded that LOL), BUT only if they want it.

And that makes me wonder, will I still love Arashi when they’re 58?

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9 thoughts on “[TV] icon meets idols on SHIYAGARE

  1. I haven’t watched this episode yet, but the screen caps and your article have convinced me to watch this ASAP! 🙂

    Wow, seems like we are missing a lot for not knowing Nagabuchi-san. I am a sucker for guitar players and rock music, so I think that I will like this guy. 🙂 Heck, he’s not only multi-talented, he’s also a man of substance just like the dorks with all his involvement in charity work and other advocacies. 🙂

    How cute of him to bring his dog to his concerts. More rabu-rabu points there. 🙂

    Thanks for the article. 🙂

    On a lighter note, I do not know if you have already seen this, but I think that this might interest you… http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/dqW05RbTT18/

    I could have shared this on Twitter, but I don’t have access to it here in the office. 😥


    • I think his gears toward folk rock but my god, I’m a fan of this ojisan already! the Shiyagare episode was so fun and entertaining and I guess I need to rewatch previous Kohakus to check out Nagabuchi-san’s performance. and him teaching Arashi guitar was epic.

      and the dog, kind of reminds of Hachiko.

      ok chall check your video… couldn’t open on my mobile XD


  2. Sorry for summarize my comment in this post, this is for your “I fangirl an ojisan 2” too, and because mine this time mostly related to AniShi 😀
    He2 another “hot” oji-san 🙂 [thanks for the youtube links, though I haven’t watched that AniShi ep. XD]
    He has the charming, sincerity [I’m so touched when see those yt links], years experience, and solid fanbase [from what I see from his concert’s crowd] factor. His dog is so cute and handsome XD.
    Was it Kouhaku 2014? Because the annoying internet forced me to 2nd last part of Kouhaku – Arashi part and the rest. And haven’t watched the full Kouhaku yet, LOL.
    Wah, what a romantic title ^^ I’ll love them [Arashi] even if they’re in their 50’s and so on .<
    Thanks for this review! 😀


    • this AniShi episode is a must-watch! Arashi playing guitar, Riida getting scolded, Nino and Sho obviously in 7th heaven, Jun being his usual earnest and nervous self and Aiba fooling around with Nagabuchi-san… it has all the ingredients of an entertaining episode XD

      I think he was in Kouhaku 2014. But he also performed in 2011 from an earthquake area and the setting was marvelous. that was also the year Arashi hosted Kouhaku for the first time deshou? XD


  3. Ah you’re right, their 1st Kouhaku hosting…2011
    Waa I’ll watch it! Definetely! 😀
    Now that you’ve mentioned icons – but for this time it’s more to musicians [with this term, I really meant the real musician – the one who wrotes &/ sings their own song] that came to AniShi, lately there was SekaOwa, or the old [the learning from Aniki] eps, like Moriyama Naotaro, Hotei Tomoyasu, etc [ha2 I haven’t watched all of their old eps. so feel free to add].
    Ah, I wonder if you interested in Moriyama Naotaro too [mmm I forgot which ep., but he came with Morisanchuu – Oosama Miyuki who is die hard fan of MatsuJun, and it’s near 24Hour TV event], he has some great & famous songs too, like Sakura, Natsu no Owari [his’ mostly the mellow, calm type, if you’re fan of this genre].
    Yea I always loved when musicians guested in AniShi – I mean, because they usually had this session together, and it was fun :), like their Battle Without Honor & Humanity session with Hotei Tomoyasu.
    Waa when will Kobukuro, Southern All Stars, and other high quality musicians/icons’ turn? After your SAS review, I searched and diggin’ more about ‘em, and become their fan too Xd.
    Blame you – owh, Arashi. Owh. I don’t know >.<


    • oh I remember Moriyama Naotaro!!! wasn’t he also in VSA for one of their Babanuki specials?

      I love that Arashi educate themselves with their senpais and in the process educate us too.

      I will definitely watch the AniShi episode with Hotei Tomoyasu. I haven’t been watching their shows religiously until a year ago coz I always wait for subs but I reckon, I don’t even get to watch once they’re subbed so might as well watch the live one lol

      I really hope they guest more musicians and senior actors coz it’s always fun to watch their interaction. oh and yes, I was absolutely thrilled with the SekaOwa guesting!!! my only complaint is they didn’t do a number together :((((

      yes, blame Arashi but it’s a good thing isn’t it?


  4. Ha2 yes2, thanks to Arashi 😀
    That’s what’s senpais are for!
    Now on you watch AniShi live/RAW? Oh I’ll die w/o sub, so I always wait patiently “like” a good girl XD.
    Right, but I wonder what kind of number they could do with SekaOwa? I mean with Hotei, Moriyama, Nagabuchi, they did composed song together/guitar session…
    Wah hm I didn’t into VSA much, so I rarely watch it >.< oh but gonna search that eps ^^.


  5. This is his 2nd in nShiya ne. I thank the goodness of Shiya staff n Arashi for introducing me to im LOL
    He sweats alot! So high in spirit. Loud.
    All in all, very much Aiba-chan. No wonder he favors him every time he’s there in Shiya LOL (I thought they’re going to kiss for real oMG! that’s close!)


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