quirky AsiaL Only in Japan… Best Jeanist

I still crack up whenever I hear “best jeanist” that they give out annually in Japan. This award has been ongoing since 1994 and get this, they even have a committee to select people who they think have taste when it comes to jeans and can actually wear them. OK, I paraphrased that part because the original one just sounded… silly. But what can you expect with something called “best jeanist”? In fact, does that word even exist?

Not that it matters and the winners are not really people to scoff at. Previous winners and “jeanlisters” include Kimura Takuya, Jerry Yan, Kim Jae-joong, Koda Kumi and Miyuki Hatoyama, then the first lady in 2009 when she was named as one of the top jeanists. Ignore the fact that Hatoyama-san once claimed she had been abducted by aliens. Though I’m curious: did the aliens wear, well, jeans?

This year’s winner is… Arashi’s Aiba Masaki. Tadan!

Trust Aiba-chan to say something like this when he received the award:

“I want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted.  I’m so happy.  I never would’ve dreamed that I’d win an award like this.  I can’t believe it.  I think I’m going to make it a family treasure!”

But what’s even more hilarious is his backstory on how the other Arashi members tried to help him pick his outfit for the awards ceremony. Of course, this is major dude! Gotta wear… jeans.

“The other members were helping me decide what to wear today, but after a while they started to fool around and say things like I should put a cut here or something.  But I knew today I had to be serious so I haven’t taken in any of their suggestions.”

Now I’m curious what he actually ended up wearing at the ceremony.

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