it’s White Day. honmei- or giri-choco for who?

It’s White Day. You know, that day in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan when it’s the men’s turn to give chocolates to women. In China though, it’s the women’s turn to give to the men; perhaps the rest of the world should adapt the Chinese tradition since it’s also the men who are expected to show some love on Valentine’s Day.

There are two types of chocolates given on this day: honmei (chocolate of love) and giri (social obligation). During this season, there are surveys floating around in Japan and Korea on which celebrity women would want to give honmei chocolates to.

Here’s the list of a crazy fangirl:

Arashi – these boys deserve my love (and the love of their fans) because they bring so much happiness. They make going through life easier, seriously. Of course, Nino (Pocky is still considered chocolate, right?) Ohno and Matsujun endorse chocolates.


mj choco


Jo In-sung – but of course, my current oppa. And he’s the sweetest guy too, giving out giri chocolates to the staff of THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS. The shipper in me is hoping he gave Song Hye-kyo honmei chocolates (and maybe some jewelry and lingerie). Below are the chocolates that he gave to the lucky staff. The chocolates are from MarieBelle. In-sung oppa has taste.


jo insung giri choco


Roy Qiu – Qiu Ze, even if you’re a bad boy judging from the heartbroken and bitter women you’ve left in your wake, you’re still adorable. Besides, women like bad boys, dui bu dui?

Kevin Cheng – He’s still my Law Ba even if he’s now the new Ip Man.

Siwon – For Kang Hyeon-min’s sake! But really, this dude looks interesting, I like how he tweets about his family, work, interests and travels without plastering his face there all the time. And he can speak English so I don’t have to GTranslate all the time.

Kimura Takuya – KimuTaku, another drama this year, onegaishimasu. Hmm, what role could be perfect for someone who has played a pilot, hockey player, racer, prosecutor… and yes, prime minister? How about as an aging idol? Too close to home? A taxi driver? Or a backpacker? Or someone who’s… gay? The possibilities are endless.

Jerry Yan – Everyone has a first love and for many Asian pop fans, that would be F4 or one of the members. He’s mine (I wish in real life). I hope he cuts his hair short though like in STARLIT and not cover his features with bangs or ugly haircut.

Happy White Day!




And since it’s White Day, let’s have WHITE tea with chocolates.



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