Windstruck guy Jang Hyuk goes for int’l Emmy

There are a total of 10 nominees from Asia at the 2011 International Emmy Awards (there is an Asian nominee for each category so I wonder if this is deliberate?).

I think the most known would be Korean actor Jang Hyuk, who is nominated for best actor from his performance in The Slave Hunters.

Remember him in this movie?

Please Teach Me English

No? How about in this movie?


Ommo, this guy has been paired with some of Korea’s top leading ladies like Lee Na-young and Jun Ji-hyun (she will always be My Sassy Girl to me rather than Gianna Jun). He appeared with Lee Da-hye in The Slave Hunters.

This is how he looks now:

Hong Kong actress Athena Chu is nominated for best actress for A Wall-less World.

If you don’t know Athena, you might know her boyfriend, Paul Wong, from the famed ’80s HK rock band Beyond. No? I don’t know either but hey, he posted a sweet message on his microblog following her nomination as quoted in The Sun:

“I used to think she’s just a pretty face, but my perception changes as I watch how she evolves and how she is willing to take on various challenging roles. As an actress, she has been working very hard yet she hadn’t gotten the acknowledgement she deserves (until now).”

Check out the other Asian nominees here.


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