drama: the new Kimura Takuya drama

I was just thinking: “I miss KimuTaku” but before I could totally reminisce about his past dramas, I remembered he has this “Antarctica” drama coming up. I Googled and voila.

A KimuTaku drama is an annual drama event in Japan’s pop culture but it sure took a long wait this year.

The new drama, Nankyoku Tairiku: Kami no Ryouiki ni Idomunda Otoko to Inu no Monogatari (Antarctica: The Story of Dogs and Men Challenged in the Field of God) reminds me of Eight Below, especially when I saw this photo:

The TBS drama, however, is not based on that film (nor on the original Japanese film) but it is inspired by the book “Nankyoku Ettoutai Taro Jiro no Shinjitsu” by Taiichi Kitamura. KimuTaku plays the assistant leader of the first Japanese research expedition team in Antarctica. The team consisted of 11 members and 19 Sakhalin Huskies. Of course it deals with the struggles of the team against the weather and one another, difficult choices they had to make, and their relationship with the dogs.

KimuTaku and dogs? I’m sold.

Trivia: KimuTaku had a dog named Bonita, who was featured in one of his photobooks. His restaurant was named after the black Lab.

Filming of the drama started in February and will be presented as TBS’ 60th anniversary production. It will air starting October on the Sunday 9pm time slot.

For those who liked the chemistry of KimuTaku and Ayase Haruka in MR. BRAIN, then you’d be happy to know that they will be reunited in this drama.

I didn’t get past episode two of KimuTaku’s 2010 drama, Tsuki no Koibito (Moonlight Lovers) thanks to Lin Chi Ling. So I’m happy that it’s Ayase because I did enjoy MR. BRAIN.

Here’s one of the latest news on the drama:

As KimuTaku’s role in his drama becomes somewhat iconic with every Japanese male in Japan aspiring to be like his characters, I wonder if the role of a researcher will be famous too. When he played a prosecutor in HERO, the application for that occupation surged. When he played a pilot in Good Luck!, guys wanted to be a pilot. When he became a car racer in ENGINE, it also became a famous occupation. But his most memorable role for me would be as Haru, the hockey player in PRIDE. I am still in love with this drama until now.

I also loved him as the prime minister in CHANGE. I wonder, with the political changes in Japan recently, would they consider him for the position?

Nah, that is reserved for Arashi’s Sakurai Sho.

Source for photos: fumiyo @ Weibo

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