just sayin’ #6

I am dismayed by the possibility that the release of CNBlue’s mini album will go head-to-head with that girl group again. And just as no one can stop delusionals from my Korean side of fangirling from making their own wild speculations, no one can stop me from saying this. Because… I can’t stop!




So in anticipation of all the delusions that will surely spread:

delusion #1: They release their albums at the same time so they can have an excuse to appear in shows together.

Uh, operative word: excuse. No need for an excuse if two people are really together in real life.

delusion #2: In case they do find themselves in the same show – They stood side by side! They looked at each other! They smiled at each other! They talked! They interacted!

Do you realize how pathetic all of the above sound?

Oh, and it’s called television. Also, it’s known as blocking. Hello, floor director-nim? It’s a show. There’s a script but what can one expect from a fandom borne out of a scripted show? (Oh don’t tell me that it was spontaneous and unscripted. PLEASE.) Haven’t heard of fan service before? If that can even be considered as fan service (I’m basing this on previous actual show interactions).

delusion #3: In case they do find themselves in the same show but nothing happened – They have something to hide, it’s obvious! That’s why they’re awkward! They’re protecting their relationship!

Common sense will tell you that if a pairing has a wide, rabid following, the two people in that pair would be more open and forthcoming… if they are real. If they have rabid delusionals like you as supporters who will spam any story or video to defend your theories and fight for them, do you think they will “hide”?

delusion #4: He wrote all those songs for her!

Get over it.

It’s a pity that CNBlue’s music is recognized because of connections that are otherwise imagined unless the songwriter himself confirms it.

While that reality/virtual marriage SHOW did bring them a lot of fans, it’s a curse because these fans are not really interested in the band’s music. They’re just interested in crooning to their delusions that this song and that song is for “her”.

I saw this photo below on tumblr and it really encapsulates my annoyance at how rabid some shippers are. I guess it’s my karma for being a super shipper before. Now I realize how annoying I must have been. This must be my punishment, being surrounded by rabid delusionals from both my Japanese and Korean fandoms.




Okay, I just needed to get that out of my system.

Just one last thing (can’t promise it’s the last though because delusionals are part of life just like toxic waste is): no member of any idol group (or even individual artists for that matter) has the power to decide when to release their work or what kind of work will even be released. Brutal as this may sound, they are simply foot soldiers in the big entertainment world business. So chuck those “coincidences”. It’s called economictainment or enternomics, whichever you prefer.

Let’s take it from CNBlue’s leader-nim: it’s all about the music.

Just sayin’.

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11 thoughts on “just sayin’ #6

  1. So agree with you. I’m tired of those delusional thoughts. I guess I knew where those shippers got their delusional mind. I remember an article, I think it was Dal Shabet who reveal ‘idol dating secret’ and one of the secret is, “comeback activity around the same date”. The member of Dal Shabet said that idols are very busy with their own schedule, they don’t have time to be together so appear in music show together is the only option to see each other. Dal Shabet said some idols dating in music show (backstage), mostly those idols who always have same comeback date more than twice.
    To be honest, I don’t get excited of their comeback date, so many big house idol also will go against them.


    • what?! that’s the most ridiculous “theory” I have ever heard!!!

      as if these idols have the power to dictate on the big companies when they want to do their comeback.

      on the other hand, it is possible that these entertainment companies latch to that delusion to sell more records. it’s after all a business strategy. nothing more, nothing less.

      and does anyone really believe that these people do not have time to date? and they can only date backstage? omg… whoever believes that has been eating too much g*g*ma. it’s been proven to be bad for health, even more lethal than cocaine, so I heard lol


    • Hahaha! CNBLUE had coinciding comebacks with 4Minute already (2010 (LOVE), 2011 (Intuition) and 2012 (Hey You). Shippers are just being too creative and imaginative. Besides, any CNBLUE fan would know that it has been a pattern for CNBLUE to make Korean comebacks during the first quarter of the year, that has been the case since their debut in 2010.


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  3. i know this is more of a CNBlue post but that recent arama post on Jun and XXX just fits this ‘delusional’ topic dont you think?!?

    WHY? and WHAT FOR? if this is due to jun’s drama’s poor ratings, why not use another girl? there’s that kou rumor during natsuniji… so why keep recycling the girl from 8 yrs ago!? why not used a lesser actress coz pitting him against XXX puts him in a bad light really especially if it’s a pr gimmick.

    i would understand if there’s mutual benefit but XXX doesnt need to promote anything. my jap friends (at least the rational and not delusional jun fans) say jun may be 1/5 of arashi, but her movies earn more than his, she’s japan’s academy best actress and stars in the next taiga. in the geinokai that is big! dammit, she even earns more than him.

    if they are really together, then fine by me. i could accept that jun got himself a trophy gf. if not, i hope these rumors stop especially now that jun is having a drama. i hate to think that he is using someone with or without his consent just for pr.


    • sorry comments are not automatically approved now to protect me from trolls. my gawd, delusionals in my Japanese fandom… trolls and more delusionals from my Korean fandom.

      but I digress…

      yeah, I read that latest post on Arama. first off, the things they’re talking about are old and it’s not like they are the only celebrities in Japan who wear that, especially the leg warmers. did you see the comment: “Matching leg warmers. Must be true love.” I LOLed on that honestly. thank goodness, Arashi fans (those that do not ship J with her) still have a lot of sense of humor.

      I don’t really understand why… maybe because they really have a lot of following in Japan and that’s a sure way to get reactions? but I doubt that the news item posted on Arama is legit anyway. it’s just like the last few wailings of a firework that did not explode the way it was supposed to.

      it’s just frustrating this has dragged on for so long. and it’s partly also because of the Japanese entertainment system where these artists (particularly those from JE) can’t even address the rumors directly. in a way it shields them from having to deal with headaches like this but seriously, it does not help in feeding more poison to the delusionals.

      When I saw that item though, unlike before when my temper would shot up, I just laughed and shook my head. it’s getting old, if not very old, seriously. but the Japanese are creatures of habit so… lol


    • oh and wait? she earns more than J? I don’t think so. it may be coz Arashi’s earnings have to be divided by 5 (not to mention that Uncle Johnny gets a cut) but she’s not as marketable as him. I don’t see her in commercials that much either, unlike say Ayase. she may be big in Japan but she’s not internationally and that weighs in somehow too.


      • gaaad pls enough of the matchy matchy outfits from eons ago! even my jap friends who ship them barf at these stuff (but i guess it comes with the age lol).

        im not sure if they really have a lot of japanese fans. coz if they really do have the number, arent they supposed to come out and be proclaimed the golden couple already lol. that’s why i dont get why always her?!

        tbh i dont hate the girl or anyone paired with jun. im too old for that drama haha. but i do cringe on delusional shippers as well as delusional antis haha. until jun talks, for me, its 50/50 whether its yukie, kou, mao, or whoever. i guess i just dont wanna wake up one morning and feel stupid when he says he is really with one of them haha.

        the very least i know jun and mao are close friends. can we have anyone from 7A confirm that they are just that since JE wont talk so we can all fucking move forward lol.


      • i guessed they based the estimated earnings on the published talent fee per movie, drama, show and CM. i cant say she’s not marketable bec she has a number of movies and CMs these past few years i think. maybe not as much as ayase. anyway its an estimate… but in fairness to her, i cant call her a starlet. i do believe she doesnt need jun to be famous… and jun doesnt need her to remain famous lol.



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