just sayin’ #5

So there is this talk going around in the Arashi fandom that Fuji TV is considering taking out the bathtub scene in episode 2 of SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER because some fangirls have bombarded the station with complaints over it.

And here I was saying just last night that the Arashi fandom is such a happy place because of memes like this, inspired by what else, that coming bathtub scene:


shitsuren meme


I mean… how can some fangirls not want to see Jun half naked in a bathtub?

Of course it’s obvious why and here are the possible answers:

  • They don’t want to see Jun with Kiko;
  • They want to see another actress playing Erena, most probably, that one that they ship him with through delusions and high water;
  • They want to do a cameo and be in the bathtub themselves;
  • They are pretentious little fuckers minors conservative and can’t stand their beloved Matsumoto Jun, 30, half naked in an intimate scene because they have always thought of him as the human pet in KIMI WA PETTO, and you know, pets don’t do bathtubs (unless you are an inflated duck). But oh wait… Momo did have a bathtub scene with Koyuki, gasp!

I was really gobsmacked by how the fandom has turned into this with many acting like juveniles. Some of the feedback from the first episode (particularly the kissing scenes) geared towards “HOW DARE HE KISS SOMEONE ELSE OTHER THAN XXX?” or “IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF IT WAS XXX.” Seriously? Get a life and move on. Have they forgotten that Jun is an actor, not a robot nor a doll whose hair they can perm ala Domyoji, the way they want him to be forever? This is what happens when delusions thrive.

On the other hand, it may also not be true and is just Fuji’s way of creating some hoohah for the drama considering that the first episode rating was not impressive compared to Jun’s previous getsu ones (NATSU NIJI and LUCKY SEVEN). Bad publicity is still publicity, after all.

Or it may also be partly true based on the feedback for episode 1 but the “bombarding the TV station” part is just an exaggeration. Who knows.

But as far as I’m concerned, show that bath tub scene dammit! Those who don’t want to watch, well, you don’t know what you’re missing. And you don’t really have to watch, that’s what free will is for.

Just sayin’.

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11 thoughts on “just sayin’ #5

  1. more than the delusional jun wifeys and XXX shippers, you forgot that the japanese are REALLY a conservative bunch hehe. japanese tv stations do not really care about international fans also so whatever they whine about do not count.

    been talking and (spazzing) with some friends ive worked with in tokyo and they have mixed reviews. expats usually dont mind and consider it normal. however my former japanese coworkers say that they are embarass to watch it and these are full grown women with some of them married already.


    • That’s very interesting.

      But it seems it’s the Japanese fans who were complaining to Fuji. I don’t think international fans would even bother complain to Fuji lol

      I just watched the subbed version of the drama. I’d say it’s interesting how Jun plays the delusional and vulnerable part. He was both baka and pathetic I actually felt sorry for the character. I mean we all go through heartaches like that at one point or another but he’s a masochist! lol


  2. no what i meant was, whatever whining international fans do, it wont affect the drama. i strongly suggest that you avoid shippers/jun wotas who are obviously young and inexperienced during the duration of the drama. you shouldnt let their drama ruin the drama for you lol.

    i said that bec the whinings depends on the age group. im sakurai’s age so my jap & even nonjap friends who ship jun with XXX aren’t really bothered with it… they are worried though on the effect of the low ratings and possible dragging of the next taiga actress to another round of rumors for pr purposes. to quote one, “even shippers are tired of marriage rumors.” i was gokusen baited and the jap nakamatsu shippers im friends with are pretty cool about it too. i coudnt really say what the jap jun fangirls my age really think coz the ones i personally know, like what ive said, are simply embarrased to talk about these stuff lol.

    anyway back to chocojun. yes jun plays delusional well. my heart breaks for souta but if he’s like this till the end, id probably hit his head against the marble slab where he tempers the chocolate. i know the manga is ongoing but since the drama is only up to ep 10/11, i wish his character develops.
    i was just disappointed though, with all the fuzz the first ep got, i was expecting it to be oozing with sensuality if not sex. imagine my frustration when i finally got to watch and found it… normal lol.

    im looking forward to the bath tub scene so i really hope it wont get cut. unless they show the “act” i would consider it pretty tame.


  3. i agree!! if these so-called fans dont like that bath tub scene then dont watch!! dont deprived the rest of us who wanna watch it.. tsk..so childish..


  4. ChocoJun got lower ratings than NatsuNiji?!?! I’m sorry, but I thought the latter was one of the worst dramas I’d seen Jun in. Downloaded all the episodes and just skipped straight to the end after episode three so I could see Nino’s brief cameo (lol but I love Arashi cameos!). Though Jun pretty convincingly played the frustrated/sheltered 二世代 who overanalyzed all his roles (maybe that part’s not so unlike his real-life self), his chemistry with Takeuchi was nil. That, and the story was pretty bland. Who knows? Maybe it got better after episode 3? I still don’t feel compelled to watch it.

    With ChocoJun though *insert jaw drop* that screen was heating up big-time! I love Satomi’s innocent-but-not-really-innocent portrayal of Saeko, and Asami’s strong-willed, protective-but-totally-secretly-in-love character, and that little smirking exchange between Kiko and Ryuta at the end? Makes me really want Jun’s relationships with them to get “deeper” haha.

    I highly doubt FujiTV would actually give a rat’s fart about the disgruntled murmurs of a few fans. The only reasonable rationale for cutting a scene like that would be if it was deemed to be too R-rated for primetime (kids are watching, you know!), but it’s not like they haven’t shown Jun+some actress nude and post-sex on a getsuku before (opening of Lucky Seven, anyone?). People are only making a stink about it this time because the actress is more famous and has an actual role in the drama.

    I actually half suspect that Fuji is amplifying these complaints to boost ratings. Because you know what? Every rabid fangirl that complained about this is probably still going to be glued to their screens Monday at 9. And I think the addition of this physical relationship with Erena is only going to make the plot more interesting. It raises questions: how is Sota going to reconcile that with his undying love for Saeko? And oh snap! how is Kaoruko going to react when she finds out? In terms of the ratings game, I don’t think cutting out this sensual tub scene makes sense, and I’m sure the folks at Fuji are really more concerned about getting the numbers than pleasing the

    Just my two cents.


  5. I have yet to see the second episode which aired last night. Will be waiting for a subbed copy of the episode.

    I’m actually excited to see the bathtub scene. Bring it on!
    I think Matsujun + bathtub = WIN!


  6. Regardless of whom he is with, JUN HALF NAKED IN A BATH TUB WTHGGJJHSKDHDFFF who the heck will not want to see that? Just thinking about it drives my fangirl hormones mad. Lol. Haven’t started my downloads of shitsuren though. Waiting at least for episode 5 before I do.

    Btw, sorry I know this is such an off topic I know but would you know where I can download the Jun-Juri movie? Been trying to find it for months but to no avail. Thanks!!! 🙂


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