Arashi: 5×13

Every Arashi fan knows the five boys’ story before they were launched in Hawaii on September 15, 1999. Ohno thought after the event, he could quit. Sho and Nino also wanted to quit. Not a very good start if you ask me, but look at how far they have come and how they have grown as a group committed to one another.

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These are my 13 favorite things about Arashi (of course there are more than 13 but in keeping with the theme):

1. their salad days when they struggled in the early years performing to half-empty stadiums and the stages were old they would fall off; this experience, imho, has made them appreciate their journey to success and not take their fame for granted;

2. their gratitude for singing “Wish”, the theme song for MatsuJun’s drama “Hana Yori Dango” because it gave them “some work”, not knowing that it will open doors for them;

3. their C, D, G no Arashi where they were allowed creative freedom although they doubted if people even bothered to watch them doing experiments and crazy, stupid things; those shows shaped them, if not made them shameless, but not scared to take risks and put their hearts in whatever job they are given;

4. their diverse personalities that make them distinct from one another: newscaster and Keio boy Sho, artist and leader Ohno, Hollywood actor and brat Nino, animal lover and baka Aiba and romantic leading man and DoS MatsuJun.

5. their prominent collaborations with big brands like JAL, Hitachi, au, Wii, Disney, Nissan, etc;

6. March 16, 2012 when Tokyo Tower was Arashified; which other idol group gets that honor?

7. the first time they performed in Kohaku in 2009, seen as a recognition that they have become legitimate stars;

8. the first time they hosted Kohaku in 2010, cementing their star status in the industry;

9. their Arashi Around Asia concerts in 2008; encore please;

10. their three movies: “Pikanchi Life is Hard Dakedo Happy”, “Pikanchi Life is Hard Dakara Happy” and “Kiiroi Namida”; it’s high time they do another movie, maybe a documentary?

11. their 10th year, the 5×10 song and the 5×10 concert;

“We’re standing here now, able to shine because you’re there
The five of us will always be here, forever

12. Furusato; next to A-RA-SHI, this has got to be their most classic song;

13. their natural chemistry, rivaled by no one, comparable to none.

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