[Arashi] what if..?

[5×15 tribute series]

Being able to stay strong–in an industry that considers beauty and age as premium and caters to fickle-minded fans–on the 15th year and counting is both an achievement and a blessing.

But as Arashi’s history shows, it hasn’t been an easy road and there were instances that may have caused a break-up in the group if the five of them were not determined to make it together.

Here are 15 “what ifs” that we are glad they overcame:




What if Aiba did not have a passport?

What if Ohno was stubborn about not being part of the new group?

What if Sho and Nino insisted on quitting after the debut?

What if Ikuta Toma debuted with the Kaze trio instead?

What if Sho chose his studies at Keio University over being an idol?

What if Aiba was suspended due to his scandal?

What if Aiba quit due to his poor health?

What if Johnny decided to scrap or regroup Arashi after their years of dismal sales?

What if Jun decided to go solo after HANA YORI DANGO?

What if Nino chose Hollywood after his LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA stint?

What if Sho chose to pursue newscasting full time?

What if Ohno was suspended due to his scandal?

What if something worse happened in Jun’s car accident?

What if something worse happened in Nino’s car accident?

I didn’t mean to bring back bad memories, especially on the scandals and the accidents (thank goodness the accidents did not hurt anyone but I’m also glad J&A took precaution and suspended all five from driving for a certain period; I’m not sure if they’re back to driving now except for Nino; forget Ohno lol).

But anyway, all these are part of Arashi’s history and what make their road to success a compelling story. That’s why it’s very hard for me to be impressed with idols “topping Oricon charts” (for a day or a week) or performing at Tokyo Dome because I have seen how it took Arashi to get to where they are now, and nothing about them was easy or is hyped. Okay, except maybe when Nino hypes himself as a Hollywood star but hey, he’s not lying. He starred in a bonafide Hollywood movie directed by no less than Clint Eastwood yo.

The 15th “what if” is something that we may soon have to confront considering they are all in their 30s:

What if they get married?

For sure, there will be more challenges ahead but considering how much they have overcome in the past, I have no doubt they will be able to weather whatever storm that will confront them. After all, they make storm. (Don’t we just love Arashi puns?)

And just like that famous fan quote:

“I may not have been there from the start, but I will be there until the end.”

Omedetou on the 15 years, Arashi, and ganbaremasu on the hundred years more to come!

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10 thoughts on “[Arashi] what if..?

  1. about the scandals… they are human, and human makes mistakes occasionally… we make mistakes too. honestly, them being imperfect idols makes me love them all the more. be it their unsyncronized dancing or their imperfect vocals or being dorky most of the time. who cares if other idols sings better or dances better. my ears, my eyes, my heart is that matters. and i choose arashi. besides, they also did lots of great things… worthy of being idols, imho. tomorrow right their anniversary. I hope they will have continuous success and gain more fans! 🙂 long live arashi!


    • haha yes we all feel that way. inasmuch as we are proud of the great things they have achieved, we also look at the downsides as part of their story. and they make them all the more special.

      thanks for commenting!


  2. 😉 I’m glad that most arashi fans accept them knowing their weaknesses. we never claim that they are perfect, but for us they are good enough. though we sometimes complain endlessly but it didn’t mean we love them less. but hearing other fandom putting down arashi did tick me a bit. do they even get to know them before comparing? luckily i’m a mature fan, so just i read and ignore. but then even in arashi fandom they are those who i do find a bit irritating esp those who randomly question arashi’s bond after all this time, seriously. haha.. anyway I hope their blast in hawaii event go on smoothly. i wish i could go but yappa muri desu.


    • oh you’re not alone wishing to be in Hawaii. I have some sort of Hawaii hangover watching the news coverage and reading stories etc. I couldn’t wait for their performance on MUSIC STATION tomorrow!


  3. Totally agreed with Swetlana. Everyone have weaknesses and make mistakes. If an Idol as the perfect Image (no women, no smoking, drinking, etc), then something is fishy. Such ones are more likely the worst.
    I like that Arashi are not afraid to say what they are doing in private (e. g. getting drunk and do silly stuff, share adults DVD, being stinky, etc).
    Perfect looking, dancing and behaving young Idols are cool in the beginning but will get boring after a while.
    I also fan of a international famous korean boy Group (went to watch their concert in Europe 2times) and brought their concert DVDs, but only watch it 2times before putting it away.
    When they have new song performance on different stages it is interesting with 1-4performance, but starting with 5th Performances I stop watching because it is always the same perfect dance.
    Arashi sometimes out of syn dancing is always fun to watch. Don’t ask me how many times I watched their concert DVDs. lost count.


    • how did I miss your wonderful comment?!

      yes, Arashi is never boring. they’re not just hilarious but watching them makes me realize that idols don’t have to be perfect. in fact, I have been fangirling them for nine years simply because they are real. I don’t want to be following fakers and be disappointed big time in the end. Arashi’s been through scandals before, we’ve managed to survive, they’ve managed to overcome. just like their songs that always give hope, the underlying message of Arashi really is to not be scared to be yourself and give it your all.

      okay, I won’t ask you how many times you’ve watched their concert DVDs. I’ve lost count myself hahahahaha


  4. This is an awesome tribute post. I don’t like to think about the what ifs in the past. I’m glad they never happened. I fear the what ifs in the future. I’m still have an immature mentality and I hope as Arashi continue to mature I mature also as a person and as a fan so that I can walk with them through the challenges in the future that will come.


  5. I’m actually a newbie in this fandom and I really enjoy reading your posts. Anyways, just wanna say something on the “what it they get married?” part. Well, if they will make the big announcement I’m pretty sure it would be very hard to digest it easily at first for all the fangirls including myself. I can only imagine the hysteria it will create but I’m totally expecting that eventually that day will come esp for Jun and Sho(for me they have that image). They will still have my 100% support if that day will come that a member or all of them in Arashi will decide to tie the knot. They have work hard and make all of their fans happy half of their lives so why should we deprive them the experience of having their own family and it won’t be a problem for me if the idol group I’m supporting has married members. 😃 That’s just my two cents.


    • welcome to the Arashi fandom!!!

      quite coincidentally, I was just discussing with a friend the difference between Japanese and Korean entertainment. Japanese celebs are very private, there is a line that separates their work from their private life. they barely even discuss about their private life, and I’m sure you have noticed this in Arashi. they don’t talk much about their families and neither do they talk about relationships in a direct way. I guess large part of that is due to the heavy censoring from the agencies, the questions are strictly filtered.

      so if and when Arashi get married, I think it would be the same. they’d keep their married life away from their work and the fans the way KimuTaku does. we can all pretend they’re not married lol and I can’t believe we are actually discussing that possibility. for sure many would still be heartbroken but it’s bound to happen sooner or later. as long as they’re happy and with the right person, though that’s for them to decide.

      thanks for commenting and reading my posts!


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