only Johnny can make Arashi

With deep apologies to Joyce Kilmer.

I thought that I shall never see
idols as dorky as Arashi

Idols that are not scared to bare
their dorkiness without a care

Idols that look so baka onstage
as if they’ve escaped from the cage

Idols that may in dramas wear
dashing suits and coiffed hair

In whose presence we’re all deemed lame
so awed even by their mere name

Poems are mangled by fools like me
but only Johnny can make Arashi.

– Yupki/17 Jan 2012

Thanks to the photos in this post, I was prompted to mangle Joyce Kilmer’s work. Not a proud moment for a writer but just for fun.

These photos were taken from amnos in tumblr and Weibo (as credited). It happened in Fukuoka during the last leg of the Beautiful World concert tour. They celebrated Sho-kun’s birthday and according to fan tweets and blog, the four went backstage to change while Sho was left onstage and he was asked to go to the center where he was handed the birthday messages of the four. Aiba thanked Mrs Sakurai for giving birth to Sho, as expected of Aibaka to come up with such a message. The four also recorded their version of Sho’s solo, Taboo, then appeared onstage with Aiba, Nino and Ohno wearing policewomen uniform complete with fishnet stockings and Jun as a policeman. Let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

And I can’t actually believe that these paparazzi photos are being sold on eBay.

There are more details of the birthday surprise here.

This totally reminds me of C, D, G no Arashi. Too bad this won’t be in the DVD.

Copyright © 2012. theasianpopculturist. All rights reserved.

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