TV: the cutest little girl on Japanese TV…

…is Ashida Mana.

I first saw her as the guest of the VIP Room in Arashi’s Himitsu no Arashi-chan, where she danced the Lilupuri song with MatsuJun and Aiba.

I also saw her charming Kimura Takuya on SMAP x SMAP. And I just saw her name in the cast of KimuTaku’s latest drama, Nankyoku Tairiku.

But no doubt that she’s been charming Japanese TV viewers.

And of course, because the Japanese love polls, she topped one of them: the preferred choice of mothers as an ideal daughter among the country’s child actresses.

I just wish that they would let her grow up as a regular kid, but then, that might be impossible considering she is in one of the abnormal environments in the world: the e-biz that seeks to depict real life while living in its own fantasy.

But still, I hope they don’t forget that she is just seven years old and should not be made to do this or this or this. (I refuse to post the photos here because they make me hurl.) Whoever thought that it’s cute to make children act like adults? And that boy looks so scary and butt ugly!

I pity child stars. Look at Xiao Xiao Bin. His fame was saturated early on and where is he now?

Demo Mana-chan, don’t grow up so fast, onegashimasu.

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