drama: the progression of a love confession (Office Girls)

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 8 )

What I like about Office Girls is the development of the story. Nothing is rushed, certainly not in the way Qin Zi Qi realises that he loves Shen Xing Ren even if the rest of us who are watching are dying from anticipation already and wanting to bonk his head so the cells in his brain would align.

And in episode 10, he finally admits it… not to her but to himself.

This is the Qin Zi Qi brand of confession:

“Shen Xing Ren… I think I must like you now.”

“Shen Xing Ren… I think I probably like you now.”

“Shen Xing Ren… if I’m not wrong, I might like you now.”

I like how the boy is slowly becoming a man and coming to terms with his feelings. It is perhaps a symbolic parallelism of his growth from a brat to a responsible adult ready to take over the family business.

I’m just curious how they will end this since his being the incognito heir was supposed to cover one year but it’s not even a quarter yet. Will they fast forward it? And how will Xing Ren discover the truth about him? Will he tell her–and she will laugh again? Or will the office bitch dump it on the poor Xing Ren and make her feel that she’s not important in Zi Qi’s life because he never told her the truth in a forthright manner? We know how warped dramas can be but so far, the writers of Office Girls have been level-headed and realistic.

Qin Zi Qi’s slow progression in realising he likes Shen Xing Ren reminds me of Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless. You know, that eureka moment.

But here, he knew it in his heart, he just wouldn’t dare admit it. But I’m glad the writers didn’t make him commit a mistake–like kissing Zheng Kai Er in that scene two episodes back, or actually being officially together with her–and then realise later who he really loves. That’s so drama cliche already. It did take “dashi” (master) Lao Yu to make him admit his feelings.

I’m also glad that they didn’t make Xing Ren go into a relationship with Lao Yu just to create more tension. The ambiguity that surrounded the relationship of the “master” (Lao Yu) and the “follower” (Xing Ren) was more than enough to provide tension to the relationship between Xing Ren and Zi Qi. In the same way that a similar ambiguity between Zi Qi and Kai Er provided conflict.

I can’t wait for episode 11. I can already see the end of this drama, but in the meantime, I shall enjoy the budding romance between Zi Qi and Xing Ren.

Side note: I just find it amusing that Patrick Li, who plays the bossy and loud manager, is going out in real life with Janel Tsai, who plays Lao Yu’s girlfriend. The two of them were also in The Fierce Wife with James Wen, who plays Lao Yu.

Side note too: I have to admit that Roy Qiu has more onscreen chemistry with Tia Li than with Alice Ke. And even off-camera, Alice is stiff and flat. Props to Roy that he’s able to overcome that barrier as an actor and create some “sparks” with the female lead.

And yes, thank God even when he’s bruised, Roy Qiu is hot.

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