selling the drama: Jay Chou… Wa Kao !!!

(This is part of an ongoing series on ploys that production companies use to “sell the drama”.)

Jay Chou is set to release his new album, Exclamation Point (!!) on November 11 and pre-orders have been set on October 26. Who’s buying?

I want to pre-order but for some reasons, I could not access Yes Asia. I want to contribute to Jay’s marriage fund you know since rumors have it that he has registered his marriage with Hannah Whatshername in Europe and honeymooned in Japan.

Interesting… or ho-hum, expected… the title song seems to take a dig at his favorite toys in the world: the 狗 or gous or dogs or paps. According to this translated article, Jay used CG for the futuristic MV that shows him driving a sports car through his different businesses like JVR, Mr J restaurant and PHANTACi, as well as that of his friends, before infiltrating enemy camp. And Super Jay, I am betting, reduced them to smithereens.


This sounds… so familiar.

This is exactly the kind of scenario that Jay has been teasing and suggesting to the paps. (See related post.)

Wa kao (holy shit)! Oh, and that is supposed to be the original title to the song that has since been changed to 驚嘆號 (Exclamation Point). The song supposedly plays on popular slangs. If that is the case, then is Jay using the paps’ fascination of him to sell his drama… I mean, his album? And have the paps realised that Jay is actually playing a prank on them? Free publicity, anyone? Paps, sorry to break the news to you but you’ve been punked!

This is the promo for the new album:

And this is supposed to be a leak of the track 皮影戲 (Shadow Play):

It’s very typical Jay, the kind that will open his concerts. Ho-hum. Jay… is “marriage” turning you into a boring man?

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