TV: in defense of the protests against Fuji TV’s Korean bias

Someone has left a reply to my post on the anti-Korean Wave protests in Tokyo. In the interest of fairness, I’m posting the video here. It’s an interesting watch (though a tad too long and too “academic”).

Time Out Tokyo covered the protests with a photo gallery. Chosun Ilbo ran a story on it.

Time Out Tokyo photo

We are packaging a cover story on Korean Wave across Asia and the rest of the world for the next issue of the magazine and the protests certainly give a different flavor and angle to it.


3 thoughts on “TV: in defense of the protests against Fuji TV’s Korean bias

  1. To the editor of this blog,

    Hello, and thank you for updating the information with the video I posted regarding to this protest against Fuji-TV. In fact I don’t live in Japan but hearing the story of what Fuji-TV is doing on their channel made me worry quite a lot, and I had to reseach on it deeply.

    The constitution of Japanese mass-media is corrupt and they (I mean here also those media other than Fuji-TV) keep not broadcasting the fact of this protest, because they have a fear that some trouble will come unexpectedly on their side next time. So I can only hope that some media abroad will reveal the truth and bring up issues on international scale, and be at fair position for this protest that the Japanese are holding.

    I’m not a follower of modern pop culture, though I see that you are very good at finding very nice artists that are worthy of true “artist” title… I peeked your 2 blogs, excuse me 🙂

    By the way, are you publishing magazine? I’m interested in reading the next issue. Can you send it to me if I pay?


    • thank you for dropping by my blog.
      sure, would love to send you a copy of the magazine. please email me your address at
      also, I am in the process of putting together the stories and I’m wondering if I can quote the video you put together?
      We can discuss further in the email.
      re. my posts on pop culture, I don’t think I’m no expert because I only blog about artists that I like or topics that interest me. but thanks for reading!
      hope to hear from you.


  2. oh…I’m just back reading but didn’t realized you were into this as well.

    I’m myself a fan of certain kpop, I don’t have an aversion to them but I agree on your protest against Fuji TV. Recently it seems GTV has also been put on a band by the government because they were putting on too much korean produced shows.

    sharing is okay, but once you allow something like this to stifle your own home artist and produce is just wrong.


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