TOKYO SKYTREE is the new TOKYO TOWER for J-dramas

Tokyo Tower is beloved by Tokyoites and tourists alike. The first time I went to Tokyo, I spent an entire night just staring at the tower until the lights went out.

Crazy I know especially when in the morning, the tower, in its dull red-orange paint, totally looks unappealing.

But it is one of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks and has been featured in movies and dramas. It even featured in film titles with stories revolving around it. For fans of the ALWAYS film series, one of the sidebar developments is the construction of the tower after the war.

But since this May, Tokyo Tower (333 meters) has been “over-towered” sotospeak as Tokyo’s tallest and most famous landmark by Tokyo Skytree (634 meters). The Skytree is the tallest tower in the world and the second tallest structure next to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

When I was in Tokyo in March, it was on its last phase of construction and here’s my story. I was able to go inside the tower but photos were not allowed. It was impressive from up there though.

I also stayed in a hotel that overlooked the Sumida river. I had an unhindered view of the tower from the bed so it was the first thing I saw in the morning and the last one I saw at night. Magical.

A couple of days after I left Tokyo, they lighted Tokyo Tower in Arashi’s colors as part of Fuji TV’s “Hana Arashi” campaign and it even made an appearance in the last episode of Matsumoto Jun’s drama, LUCKY SEVEN.

When will Tokyo Skytree light up in Arashi’s colors? Well, it actually already did on September 7 to promote Japan’s bid for the 2020 Olympics. Not really Arashi… but still.

The Skytree’s regular color at night is either blue-green or purple.

Of late, I have seen the Skytree serving as backdrop in some Japanese dramas, notably PRICELE$S and KEKKON SHINAI. Who knows, it’s going to figure out in a movie title soon enough.

Tokyo Tower (right) and Skytree (left) in one frame:

This post makes me miss Tokyo. For now, I’ll just have to watch J-dramas.

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