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Well hello there, September. Welcome to the land of the broke.

A typical generic album cover for Arashi pre-official release date.

A typical generic album cover for Arashi pre-official release date.

Arashi has announced the release of their 14th studio album, Japonism, and while it will be released on October 21 yet, pre-order has already started on August 28, the very same day the album name was announced. Funny thing was, a couple of Arashi fans and I were just wondering on Thursday night on when the announcement of the new album will be made and I was thinking it can’t be before the official release of their third single this year, Ai o Sakebe, on the 2nd. But what do you know, I went online to find my TL in panic on Friday morning because of the announcement. And we know how J-Storm does it, an hour or so later would come the pre-order links. And when it is Limited Edition, it is Limited Edition. In other words, Hunger Games, the Arashi fandom version. It’s my first time though buying two versions, LE with the DVD and RE with bonus tracks including Furusato (I skipped the LE with Talk). And finally, Furusato–which has become a highlight in Kohaku since they sang it for the first time in 2011–is included in this album! Thank you Youth Case and NHK!

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CNBLUE has a double release this month too, finally! Their Korean album, 2gether, will be released on September 14; while their Japanese album, Colors, will be released on September 30. Funny how the Korean album, which was announced only last month, will be released ahead of the Japanese one, announced much earlier. And I am surprised that this is just the second Korean album of CNBLUE, but then again, all those “mini albums” confuse me all the time. I am looking forward to both albums knowing how the band’s Japanese album differs from their Korean releases.

MADE album

And now, BIGBANG. The group was supposed to release the full MADE album this month, but has opted to delay it in favor of recharging and working on new songs. They said “three weeks of September”, so most likely MADE will be released on the last week or in October. What is another month when their fans have waited long for their comeback?

And so, my fangirl life is like this:
Arashi – Japonism
CNBLUE – Colors (Japan) and 2gether (Korea)
ME – b.r.o.k.e.

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5 thoughts on “[blog] super September

  1. LOL! This is so hilarious! And it’s just the album. What about the concerts? XD

    I notice that you are looking for CNBLUE’s Budokan concert ticket. I’m not sure if you already got it. So many fans have their interest in the final performance, especially since WAVE and WHITE, where the final shows got special (or double?) encore.

    At first, I thought you would be more interested on the Osaka concert. Because that week, between 20 Nov until 29 Nov, BIGBANG, CNBLUE, and Arashi are going to have concerts in Osaka! LOL! The only thing I was thinking when I was waiting for CNBLUE’s lottery result was how am I supposed to get a decent and affordable hotel in such short notice especially with those groups bringing their fans in town on the peak season of fall in Osaka! xD


    • don’t get me started LOL
      Osaka is the place to be in November with BIGBANG, CNBLUE and Arashi, in that order, holding concerts there in one week’s time. What a lucky place! Hahaha
      I haven’t decided if I’m going anywhere this year. But damn, Japonism is really tempting, I’m curious how Matsumoto will produce this year’s tour with that theme.


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