Arashi boys are Japan’s CM kings

Anyone who hasn’t seen any Arashi CM is missing the fun of it. Their commercials are so them, obviously, the agencies have patterned those after their public image which is fun and natural. I suppose that’s their appeal, that’s why companies like JAL, au (mobile phone company), Nintendo and Kirin, just to mention a few get them as endorsers. Therefore, it’s no surprise that according to Josei Jishin, Arashi topped the top-paid endorsers in Japan.

According to the report, Arashi earned 150 million yen (about US$1.95 million). The boys’ senpais, SMAP, came in second earning 120 million yen (US$1.56 million).

The news was also on TV:

I can’t decide which is my favorite CM series between Nintendo and au. There’s also the JAL one. And though I don’t think this can be considered an official CM, but Arashi batting for Japan after the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake is also worth a mention.

Here are some Arashi commercials on YouTube (some are old and some don’t work anymore though).

An Arashi fan has also subbed some of the fun Wii Party CMs, with download links.

(Funny that when the news on the CMs came out, fans of Kpop stars on the list were so fixated on the ranking of their idols. It does say something about the Korean market. Japan after all is the world’s third biggest economy so everyone, including your regular Korean star, wants a share of the pie.)

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