movie: Patisserie Coin de rue

Care for some dessert?

I went to my favorite seafood restaurant last week and as usual, had my fill of curry crab, prawns and garlic frog. After that sumptuous heavy meal, I wanted to have dessert but there were no nice cake shops nearby. So I had to content myself with a movie: Patisserie Coin de rue.

It stars Yu Aoi and Yosuke Eguchi. I like Aoi, she’s a charming actress that has depth despite her age; I watched her first in All About Lily Chou-Chou (a dark movie that still gives me the creeps until now) then Honey and Clover, and Hula Girls. Eguchi-san, on the other hand, was in Lunch Queen–among others–with Takeuchi Yuko.

Patisserie Coin de rue is about Tomura, a legendary pastry chef, who quit years ago and instead turned to teaching and writing guidebooks. It will be revealed later in the film why he quit. Then there’s Natsume, who traveled to Tokyo from Kagoshima (she speaks with a Kagoshima accent) to look for her boyfriend and ends up working at the Patisserie Coin de rue where the missing boyfriend used to work.

And so begins Natsume’s lesson into the world of pastry-making, and the audience is treated with gorgeous shots of all these pastries.

There is drama but there are lots of pastries too. It looks all complicated, like precise science, and I’m amazed when Tomura says “it’s not been baked enough, it’s floury” or when Yuriko (the owner of the patisserie) says “the syrup is runny” or “it’s been beaten too much”. I wouldn’t be able to elaborate on a pastry more than “it’s so nice” or “it’s bad”. But then again, that’s why I’m not a patissier.

You can watch the movie here, here or here.

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