it’s tea time!

I can’t help but laugh whenever Kageyama (Sakurai Sho) stops everything he’s doing in Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de to make way for what he calls as “tea time”.

It reminds me of a British friend, who, a few minutes before 4pm, would be puttering about and making herself tea. Without fail.

I actually like the traditional high tea with scones or crumpets that they serve in fancy restaurants in the United Kingdom. But I just feel it’s also highway robbery, but then you pay for the ambience.

But like Kageyama, I can have my tea time anywhere and with anything, as long as I have the right tea and that is loose tea leaves that you steep for only a few seconds. I like Chinese oolong high mountain. I once visited an old tea house in Taipei where the owner explained to me the various types of tea leaves. I like mine light in flavor and color so he recommended oolong and puochong teas.

Unlike Kageyama and the Britons, I don’t wait until “tea time” to have my tea and drink it too. Since I don’t drink coffee (though I love its smell), I usually start my working days with a cup of tea (when I have time to steep it though).

It’s tea time!

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