MatsuJun, the beauty guru

It’s no longer rare to see male celebrities endorsing make-up and other “girlish” items, including sanitary napkins.

Kimura Takuya must have been the first one to do it for Kanebo in 1996. Won Bin has done it for Missha, so has Mark Chao for the same brand. Kwon Sang-woo was the face of The Face Shop, which also had Won Bin, Bae Yong-joon and Kim Hyun-joong as among its many endorsers.

And now, from Japan’s Fasio comes Arashi’s bishonen, Matsumoto Jun.

Imagine if you have a make-up artist who looks like MatsuJun just like in this TVC. Before endorsing this mineral make-up, he has also endorsed the brand’s “mascaraliner”.

It’s unthinkable having Domyouji sell make-up but there he is.


@ailamarie reminded me of MatsuJun’s Hot Pepper Beauty commercials.

The concept of these ads is genius. It creates the impression that Domyouji is talking to the camera directly and complimenting your hair and nails.

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