Ariel Lin’s love or bread choice

It’s all over Sina Weibo tonight on the reported break-up of Ariel Lin and her boyfriend Cheng Jia Yao, who allegedly cannot take the heat of her intimate scenes with that tattooed actor in In Time With You.

I can just imagine the torture of someone not to the ebiz born having to deal with scenes like that one above. Don’t even get me started on the tattoos.

According to the report, Cheng Jia Yao wanted Ariel to quit acting and in the end, she had to make a choice between love and her career.

It’s quite sad that it had to end this way especially after much hoohah on her announcement to quit acting, at least on TV, over her complaints on inhumane conditions on the filming set and the invasive nature of the paparazzi. I feel silly now writing this column about it then. But it only goes to show that nobody knows what goes through a person’s heart and mind.

The article in Chinese here.

So who’s in the Ariel Lin-Chen Bo Lin ship?

Oh, how can I forget the ArJoe ship?

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16 thoughts on “Ariel Lin’s love or bread choice

  1. Hi! I was just reading the english translation of that article in one of the forums of Ariel’s fans and I think she hasn’t confirmed or deny it yet. Anyways, Ariel has been one of the few actresses in Taiwan I admire, especially for being a good daughter and how she took on the responsibility for her family. I truly wish she’ll be blessed with happiness and a good man that will truly love her. On the other hand, I’m just disappointed with her choice of boyfriend. I don’t really want to judge the guy because I know I don’t have the right & I don’t know the guy personally. But really, the guy is older than her by more than 10 years. And she seemed to take a different path in showbiz since she dated the guy. I can’t help but be reminded of her character in ITWY. Lol! You Qing tends to take a different persona when she’s with Ding Li Wei. So right now, Ariel is just as confused as Cheng You Qing! OMG!

    I really wish Ariel the best and I hope she never stops acting. She said it herself, acting is her life. They say, we do stupid things for love but who are we to judge… šŸ™‚

    Errrr…. right now, I’m in the ArLin ship (Ariel & Bo-Lin), eh, but that’s not to say I won’t jump back to the ArJoe ship! LOL!!!! :))))


    • hahaha you’re funny.
      yeah, she hasn’t said anything about it, right? I wonder if she tweeted or something? I don’t follow her Weibo.
      I’ll be in Taipei next week and I’m working on a few interviews with some celebs, including her. But now with this development, I am not sure if she would want to talk to a reporter!
      I haven’t gone back to watching ITWY. I don’t want to be tortured by Ding Li Wei!!!! what’s the latest? lols


    • P.S. I didn’t know the guy was more than 10 years older than her! but if it’s true they broke up, it’s sad since she was kind of serious with this relationship.
      I’m ArJoe all the way coz they’re like the contemporaries of my OTP but an ArLin won’t be so bad hahaha!


      • Yeah, she hasn’t said anything about it and based from the article, her manager said, she hasn’t talked about it with Ariel either. But I think a lot of people are speculating since she didn’t attend the ITWY cast celebration yesterday & I think that’s the first time she failed to attend an ITWY event. There’s a list of the celebrities’ Weibo account so I was able to access her Weibo but I can’t read Chinese, so it’s useless, hahaha!!! šŸ™‚

        Wow, so you’ll be in Taipei next week, that’s great! I envy your job, I know it’s hard work but to be able to travel & meet different people is awesome. You’ll be where the action is, especially for the 3 dramas currently airing. (ITWY, OG & RRB) You’re right, with that rumor about Ariel, I doubt if she’ll talk to any reporter. But how exciting would that be, interviewing celebs. It would be interesting if you could interview Bo-lin Chen because I’m really not familiar with him, compared to the other actors in Taiwan. Based from his interviews, he’s quite adept with the English language. And I’m wondering if he can speak fluent Japanese too because he made quite a lot of Japanese films. I’m just intrigued by his personality. And he’s just doing a great job as Li Da ren,

        Well, about ITWY, let’s just say that my computer screen is still okay, considering that the past 3 episodes (eps. 7-9) are just torture and utter frustration for You Qing & Da ren’s relationship. Right now, Da ren is better off going to Singapore, they need to be apart from each other for now. Before Da ren gets liver cancer or become an alcoholic for being sooo frustrated with himself & seeing Li Wei & YQ together. Okay, I’m surprised, my heart is still fine. LOL!!! Sorry if I have to mention a spoiler, but there’s a scene in ep. 9 wherein YQ wanted to be a good friend to Da ren since she realized she was always the center of things for him, so she wants to do a “supporting role” for a change. And over the phone she tells Da ren, I want to be your bridesmaid when you get married. Ughhh!… the look on Da ren’s face was epic! I think if Da ren’s heart was weak, he would have died. hahaha!!! That just made him totally give up on whatever hope he had… and the viewers hope as well. Lol! šŸ™‚

        With regards to Ariel’s boyfriend, I just base my facts from what I’ve read & what the fans are saying. I think he’s 43 years old and there was an article saying he was previously married. I’m not so sure. But a lot of her fans are just not in favor of this man for Ariel. Sad to say, but me included. Knowing Ariel, she’s the type whose very serious with her relationship. So, I just wish the best for her.

        Btw, whose your OTP? I’m very curious… šŸ™‚ Ehh…. sorry for my very long reply. šŸ™‚


      • ooohhh Chen Bo-lin speaks English? hmmm my prob when interviewing Taiwanese celebs is the language barrier. not all of them are like Wu Chun you know hahaha! I’ve always liked Bo-lin since I saw his film, Blue Gate Crossing, with Kwai Lun-mei. they were both newbies then but goodness, can they act.

        well I hope Ariel says yes. it would be interesting to talk to her at this juncture. but I wouldn’t be surprised if she says no. please say yes! lols

        I don’t mind spoilers! in fact, I solicit them when I don’t want to torture myself over films and dramas I dread watching. at least I’d know what to expect. and omg, poor Da Ren, how can YQ do this to him? bridesmaid? she’s one big clueless dork! can’t she figure out she is the source of his heartache right now? my gawd, how many episodes more of this torturous road a.k.a. Ding Li Wei Avenue? *facepalm*

        I’ve only seen a blurred photo of Ariel’s bf (or ex? lols). I reserve my comment HAHAHAHA but I can understand why some fans don’t like him.

        my OTP… it’s pretty obvious if you look at the tags and some posts I’ve made lols


  2. Oh yes! Bo-lin Chen speaks English. And he sounds sooo good, no accent at all, unlike most of the Taiwanese actors. He even sounds better than Ariel. I watched him and Ariel in an interview for Lovesick and he was describing his experience with the director in English. And I think their director was more comfortable speaking in English with him & Ariel during filming. It would be so great if you can interview these 2.

    Ummm… I know you love Roy Qiu, so your OTP is Roy Qiu & Alice Ke? hehehe!… am I that clueless? :)))


      • hahaha!!! Enjoy your trip, hope you get to interview interesting celebs. Maybe you’ll hit the jackpot & get to interview celebs like Roy Qiu, Bolin Chen, Peter Ho, etc. Btw, I think Bo-lin Chen is under the same agency as
        Ariel.(Chouster) šŸ™‚


      • yup, it’s more enjoyable to watch dramas and read about what people feel & think. And ITWY elicits different points of view, that’s why I can’t help but share my reactions as well. Although I also watch other dramas, it’s only ITWY that I religiously follow & never miss an episode.

        Right now, the episodes of ITWY is kinda sad & frustrating to watch because of my anticipation for Da ren & You Qing to finally have some progress in their relationship but I can still appreciate the other valuable aspects of the drama. I never really liked Li Wei, but since he’s essential to the story, I’ll bear with it. Btw, nice to meet you here at Yupkigirl’s site. šŸ™‚


      • you and GailT are two very brave girls to be able to watch ITWY when it’s at that painful phase, and specifically that creature named Ding Li Wei! hahaha!

        angeleyes, do you have a blog? GailT has a blog and I read her thoughts on ITWY to gauge if it’s safe for me to watch it. scaredy cat! scared of the tattoos!


  3. Oh no. I feel bad for her going through a difficult time, if true. I can see why he could get jealous. The chemistry with LiWei is kinda sizzling. I hate him still, though. Ugh, those tats. Ugh.

    I love Bolin through DaRen, but I wouldn’t want him to be 3rd party so I won’t ship ArLin.


  4. @ Yupkigirl, I don’t have a blog. I think my life’s too boring to maintain a blog. hahaha!!! Watching dramas & reading sites like yours is my form of relaxation. A time off from being a wife & mommy to my 5 year old son, who can be a handful. Lol! Maybe that’s why I can relate to You Qing’s character in ITWY, I’ve been through that phase like YQ, and definitely, the Ding Li Wei’s of the world are bad news in real & reel life! hahaha!!! :))))

    It’s not yet safe to go back & watch ITWY right now since Da ren is going to Singapore in episode 10 and there’s more of YQ & DLW. But it’s interesting how the truth is revealed to YQ & slowly discovering for herself, how much poor Da ren loves her. That’s why I think the characters in ITWY are there not to complicate YQ & DR’s relationship, but more of helping them through their journey towards finding happiness. What I really miss about ITWY right now is the conversations between YQ & DR, which was the main reason I love watching this drama. I love watching the dynamics of their friendship.They still have a lot of phone conversation scenes (oh, these 2 must have enormous phone bills) & I truly commend the director on how such scenes were uniquely presented, but I miss the scenes showing the beauty of their friendship. It’s one part of the script I honestly dislike, I’ve had enough of sad, moping & alcoholic Da ren! (I swear, I lost count of the times Da ren was drinking in episode 9, Lol!) Good thing he’ll be away from YQ for now. I want to see YQ being miserable without Da ren, hehehe!!!

    I always follow your site & I’m looking forward to your celebrity interviews in Taipei. Have a safe trip…. šŸ™‚


    • you should never say your life is too boring to have a blog! being a wife and mom and having a five-year-old son would have interesting sides.

      oh I want CYQ to suffeeeeerrrrrrrrr without LDR. and I agree with you, the characters around them are not there to complicate the relationship of YQ and DR, but to help them along to their fate.

      maybe I shall watch ITWY but skip all the tattoos hahaha!

      I will update you if I can get your fave actress šŸ™‚ jiayou!


  5. Che Bo Lin speaks fluent Mandarin, English and Japanese. Watch the recent Golden Horse Award where he co-hosted with a Japanese actress.


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