[This may or may not be a trope.] So I spent the entire morning disinfecting and cleaning my kitchen counter. This saga started a few days ago when I noticed a baby cockroach crawling on the kitchen floor. I went into immediate panic and sprayed it with this supposedly “odorless” insect spray. I must have […]


The names Nino gives him regardless, Jun is also known by the characters he has played onscreen–whether on the small or silver screen. If you look at old videos of Arashi, you would probably find it easy to guess which year it was based on Jun’s looks. He is known to change his looks–particularly his […]


I’m not exactly a fan of Bollywood movies but I did enjoy the few I have watched, particularly Three Idiots that starred Aamir Khan. And I’ve heard so much about his PK so when I saw it among the in-flight movies during a recent trip, I skipped Twenty and Gangnam Blues and went right to […]


You know you’re a J-pop fan when it’s so difficult to find the artists’ videos online, much more on YouTube. Sure, there are those that have official YouTube channels but if you fangirl a Johnny’s, good luck in looking for their videos. Fans even have to be creative in order to upload fanmade videos on […]


I’ve recently discovered Jon Bon Jovi and though I know his band’s songs, it’s only now I actually paid attention to the person behind the rockstar image. And man, am I surprised. I initially found it hard to reconcile the rockstar image I had of him to this person who hails from New Jersey and […]


Against my better judgment, and on the advice of some well-meaning friends, I am posting about this “impersonator” in Disqus who uses a parody of my Twitter name and spreads hate against certain artists while at the same time defending her bias in many Korean entertainment blogs and forums. If it were up to me, I […]


[Note: starting a new corner with this post called…Writer’s Blog, an obvious play on writer’s block; it will be more personal thoughts though I can’t promise it won’t lead back to anything-fangirling.]     I was never one to go around carrying a chip on my shoulder, wanting to take on all the world’s problems […]


“Some days we don’t have news so we fabricate news.” The quote above is from PK, a Bollywood film that stars Aamir Khan, and which I watched during a recent flight (but that would be for a separate post). The line just amused me so much because it rings very true. There are slow news […]


Saw this tweet a few weeks back and RTed it myself because I found it hilarious and I’m posting it now because it applies to online reality. A friend recently showed me someone’s SNS diarrhoea, facepalming on why people do that and I can only say… “It’s the Internet. Who will stop anyone?” Of course, it’s […]


용/yong/dragon Korean dragons are legendary creatures in Korean mythology and folklore and trace their influence to the Chinese dragon. However, as opposed to European mythology, Korean dragons are considered benevolent beings related to water and agriculture, and believed to bring rain and clouds. [Source] 용용용 Yes, this post was bound to happen. Jung Yonghwa x […]