With apologies to Karl Marx: idols are opium of fangirls. Though our kind of drugs, or opium, may vary. Mine is called Arashi. Yes, it’s another Arashi post. And just what kind of drugs is Arashi? My frend @jhingnigami said it best: “last night, we saw Arashi drunk; today, they’re looking so handsome on TV.” […]


The decision has been made: I am going to Nagoya in what may be the fangirl trip of my life. It’s the only city where concert dates for both Arashi and CNBLUE work (thanks to @ShayMujan for pointing out the Nagoya dates!)  and by hook or by crook, I am going to watch Arashi. That’s […]


I watched YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL many dramas ago. But I never got to finish it. Okay, I cheated. I skipped to the ending after the first few episodes wherein I couldn’t stand Jang Geun-suk and his never blinking left (or right?) eyelid. That bothered me a lot plus the fact that I was rooting for […]


Sometimes it pays to watch shows like MUSIC STATION because it can be educational in the sense you get to widen your music appreciation by watching other artists perform. Artists that you won’t spare a moment to listen to simply because, well, you don’t know their music, or you just have your staple playlist of […]


With music, just like anything in pop culture, either I like it or I don’t. But if you ask me why I like a song, much more start talking about the technical aspect, like the guitar riff here or the bass curl there, I’d be lost. Music is straightforward for me, I like it because […]


“Let’s go back to ’99!!!” When Sho said that on MUSIC STATION last night, I wondered where I was on Sept 15, 1999, when Arashi debuted on a cruise ship in Hawaii. Fifteen years later, last week, they returned to their “birthplace” aboard a helicopter–well, technically a plane but you get the drift. Ah, I […]


[This is not a concert review nor a report but a jumble of thoughts] It was short of a miracle that I was able to watch CSPH. Typhoon Mario aside, I wasn’t really planning to watch but a friend took the trouble of giving me patron tickets. I should have been in Ha…waii but somehow […]


I really shouldn’t be touching this sensitive subject and adding my two-cents-worth to the cacophony on “group vs solo” debate but well, I’m a busybody and this is my blog. So.     In My Head As a fangirl of a group, it’s normal to have fears of a possible break-up in the future. We […]


[5x15 tribute series] Celebrities are usually referred to as role models though not all of them deserve to be. But I’d like to think that we do learn from the people we idolize and I hope it’s mostly good and not bad habits. In celebration of Arashi’s 15th year, I did some kind of crowd […]


[5x15 tribute series] Being able to stay strong–in an industry that considers beauty and age as premium and caters to fickle-minded fans–on the 15th year and counting is both an achievement and a blessing. But as Arashi’s history shows, it hasn’t been an easy road and there were instances that may have caused a break-up […]

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Rainy cloudy fine today… as the Arashi song goes. It looked like the usual morning, nothing special. 0905: Arrive at work. Five minutes late today because the girl at my regular tea stall took longer to make my iced red tea. 0910: Check Twitter. Screw the news, work can wait. I need my dose of […]