The soundtrack is best for chilling, preferably while sitting on a lounge chair in the garden of Haesoo’s house.


Macchan, Junnosuke, Junpon… Domyouji, Bambino, Kindaichi. Just the many nicknames and characters of Matsumoto Jun.


Does your fandom exhibit cult behavior? Check the list!


The Ice Bucket Challenge pop culture phenomenon can also be a measuring instrument of a celebrity’s likability among peers


Arashi’s LOVE is made of pure love, from the album to the live concert


Jung Yonghwa’s fourth drama role takes him on a journey he has not traveled before


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[This is not a review/recap--I suck at them anyway--but still, spoilers ahead.] It took me until the sixth episode to really understand what IT’S OKAY, THAT’S LOVE is all about. What drew me in to this drama in the first place was the Jo In-sung and Gong Hyo-jin team-up. I like them individually and okay, […]

credit: San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo’s Xiao Li Wu turned two years old last week and I’m such a bad, irresponsible adoptive mom (one of his many anyway) that I failed to post about him on his birthday on July 29.     I got into the panda fandom shortly after Xiao Liwu was born and in panda […]


We can all breathe now that an actress was cast as Noda Megumi in Korea’s remake of NODAME CANTABILE, instead of an idol. Though the furor that met all that casting drama made me wonder if there would be anyone acceptable for the oddball role of Nodame if it wasn’t Shim Eun-kyung. Kinanti Hundra, who […]


So Korea’s NODAME CANTABILE finally got its dream Noda Megumi after what seemed to be a complicated courtship that played out like a drama itself. I haven’t watched any of Shim Eun-kyung’s work but I have read glowing reviews about her from my blogger friends who watch more films and dramas than me. And when […]