I blame the culture. Agencies allow the stanning fan practice to get to that level. Fangifts? Those artists can afford them and thousands more. Why not give to charity instead? Help more people who really need help. Do it under the name of your artists, if you must. Food support? That’s the job of production, […]

cheon songyi

So. Arashi has announced their five-dome tour dates this year as follows: November 6-8 Nagoya November 13-15 Sapporo November 26-29 Osaka December 17-19 Fukuoka December 23,24,26,27 Tokyo On the very night (early morning JST because that’s when the news came out in the papers) it was known on Twitter, I saw fans already booking hotels […]

fangirl drama

  Sometimes, the fangirl road is not straight with clear arrows. There are times that we try to fight that urge to, you know, spazz and flail. Maybe because we feel we have more than enough idols to handle already. Or maybe that we are too old for such adolescent stuff as pining over a […]


“Do you know Heartstrings?” Yes, Yonghwa. I know Heartstrings. It’s one of my favorite dramas. Last year, I wrote about why I love it. This year as Heatstrings marks its fourth year since broadcast, let’s look at the top four songs from the OST. Not to say there are only four songs that deserve mention […]


He got me into the Korean side of music. But there’s more to Jung Yonghwa, after all, he’s not Bolmae Jung for nothing. The more you get to know him, the more he becomes charming. So let me try to list down 27 of his charms in celebration of his 27th birthday (Korean age). 1. […]


Some may think my ichiban (you say “bias” in K-pop) in Arashi is Nino. I guess because I tweet a lot about him. But I was Jun-baited into the fandom and the diva remains to be my ichiban. But does it really matter? Who’s keeping track? It’s common for Arashi fans to say “I love […]


I’m at a loss on how to call this post and let me just say, there is no intention to compare the two groups at the expense of one or the other. In the previous post on fans (not the uchiwa kind), I mentioned that there are many ways through which we turn into fans. […]


Disclaimer: This post is about fans and fandoms in general. If there are similarities to actual people or circumstances, then it must be…real. Some time ago, someone made a ruckus by dismissing shippers as “not real fans”. That got me into thinking on what a “real fan” is. And who’s to say who’s real and […]


Okay, this is a #fangirl problem specific to a fandom: GD or TOP. See, I’m in my Big Bang “phase” now. But first things, first. I don’t go into phases like this period, I’d fangirl this and the next, I’d fangirl that. I may like a song but I won’t go beyond that. If I […]


“That’s where everything starts,” a fellow Arashi fan warned me while I was spazzing about Big Bang’s We Like 2 Party. Out of curiosity and for the sake of informed opinion, I’ve been giving BB a listen. But not until WL2P that I could relate to their music. Let’s just attribute it to different music […]


Make that two fine days: one in Bangkok and the other in Singapore. Both hot days too, as I remember (especially Bangkok, it was 36 degrees but felt like 40 degrees that day), and not the least because of the wattage that is Jung Yonghwa onstage. Of course, everyone who has encountered CNBLUE knows who […]


[Warning: Long post and only one photo.] Sashiburi desu. I’m writing this while watching the ARASHI BLAST IN HAWAII live documentary for the nth time. But this post has been writing itself in my head for weeks now. Alas, my thoughts couldn’t write themselves. There’s been two things that made the news recently: Cyzo’s malicious […]