[Warning: Long post and only one photo.] Sashiburi desu. I’m writing this while watching the ARASHI BLAST IN HAWAII live documentary for the nth time. But this post has been writing itself in my head for weeks now. Alas, my thoughts couldn’t write themselves. There’s been two things that made the news recently: Cyzo’s malicious […]

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[May contain spoilers.] Have you heard the rumors? Rumor 1:Former member of an idol group has a new drama and it’s said to be good. Fact 1: Lee Joon (formerly of MBLAQ)’s drama on SBS is such a little gem that not everyone has discovered yet. But then again, it may not be to everyone’s […]


…for the biggest stan of all.     We think the world of our idols. To us, they’re the center of the universe, not only ours, but the entertainment universe. They’re the biggest stars, the most talented, the most famous. Everyone else is just a spec of stardust. But our idols, they’re the brightest star […]


[Spoilers ahead.] As soon as the first scene came on, with the jerky camera zoom-in, it felt nostalgic right away. And minutes into the film when the opening credits rolled in with Pikanchi Double, it was definitely walking down memory lane. I’m talking about PIKANCHI… LIFE IS HARD TABUN HAPPY, the third installment in Arashi’s […]


Sometimes it takes one random song in my iPod to take me down memory lane and today, it was La Familia, a song Matsujun composed for their Iza Now Tour in 2004, when Arashi was five years old. Arashi is a typical “boy group” (I’d prefer male group since they’re not exactly boys anymore but […]


Well, if you believe the quote above, then there is something wrong and you belong to that growing demographic of those who do not question anything they read on the Net because you know, if it’s on the Internet, then it must be true. A few days ago, a fan posted something about two female […]

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You’re an Arashi fan if you know what, or rather, who inspired the title for this post. No less than the resident brat of course, Ninomiya Kazunari, one-fifth of Arashi.     And yes, J-Storm was a little small little small little small label when it was launched in 2002 to produce Arashi’s future singles […]


Alternative title: Will I still love you when you’re 58? Last Saturday’s SHIYAGARE episode will go down as one of my recent favorites. And to think I didn’t even know who Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi is before this and was curious over the hoohah that his guesting was creating. After reading up on him, I expected a […]