nino mustard 1

If you’re a celebrity, whose life is lived so very publicly, it’s a big no no to repeat the same clothes. Well, not really. Especially if you are Ninomiya Kazunari. This is a story about Nino and his favorite shirt. His color in Arashi is yellow so of course, his favorite shirt has to be…mustard. […]


  There is a word that annoys me so much. Huh? Yes. Huh. And apparently, I’m not the only one annoyed with it. Huff Post’s culture writer wrote a piece about it some time ago: “Honestly, I never want to hear the word ‘huh’ again”. Whether it’s written or verbal, my blood would shot up […]


I never anticipated an Arashi album as much as Japonism, primarily because of the theme. And so I have been ready to embrace it with open arms and an open mind, hooks, flats and all. Like any other album, there are songs you fall in love at first listen while others need a second or […]

joker sticker

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CNBLUE 2gether colors

  Don’t judge an album by its sampler. And those who did with CNBLUE’s new Korean and Japanese albums, please raise your hands. *Raises hands* For the first time though, I was looking forward more to 2gether, the Korean album, than Colors, the Japanese one, even if I have traditionally preferred their releases in Japan […]

bob dylan

[fandit = a combination of fan and pundit. In short, busybody me. And yes, starting a new corner with this. Oh and if you don’t like my opinions, you don’t have to read.] “Just because you like my stuff doesn’t mean I owe you anything.”- Bob Dylan The day I thought would never come, came. […]


The Kong Show hosted by Kamasami Kong had an interview with Babs Saito, who works with Tom Moffatt Productions, which promoted the Arashi Blast in Hawaii concerts last year. I just thought of transcribing the entire interview; job hazard maybe, but more like I find a lot of parts interesting, especially the little details on […]

ship it like fedex

“I have something to share with you…but you have to promise me not to tell anyone. This is a super secret!” Ooooh, who doesn’t love secrets? Of course it’s a no-brainer to say, “yes. I promise!” while trying to sound collected and cool, when in fact, your heart is already thumping like mad and your […]

arashi sweet 16

Arashi is sweet 16 and in some cultures, this is a rite of passage, a coming-of-age, an age of transition. Of course in reality, the bakas are in their 30s already, not exactly simpering young ladies, or boys in the throes of adulthood. But as a group, they are in that stage, which  Jun described […]