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As if Arashi fangirls need more convincing to go to Japan but thank you Japan National Tourism Organization for putting more preshah (pressure) on us. Arashi has been promoting Japan as a tourist destination since 2011, months after the Great East Japan Earthquake. And in an old NHK music program video, Jun did tell a […]


[Spoilers ahead]     Killing Kim Jong-un won’t change anything, says the propagandist-turned-traitor-turned-revolutionist in the controversial comedy, THE INTERVIEW. Screening this movie won’t change anything either. Watching it won’t change anything too, except maybe 152 minutes of your life gone. But no regrets. I didn’t expect the movie to be life-changing, much more spur a […]


When I first heard of Mileage as the title of Jung Yonghwa’s collaboration with YDG, my first thought was: what kind of mileage is it? Airline mileage? What could the song be about? Will we be seeing JYH in a pilot uniform or something? Or as a traveler (I’m confusing this with his UnionPay commercial)? […]

yonghwa earfun

Maybe this will be a regular feature, posting on music that I “discover” while watching music shows. I’m listening to Tatsuro Yamashita right now while writing this but at work, I’ve been listening to Southern All Stars a lot. Keeps me awake and my colleagues are wondering where did those good-looking boys I used to […]

keisuke kuwata

Meet my idol of the moment, Keisuke Kuwata. He is 59 this year, desu.     Whenever I watch a music show, I come out of it with a new discovery most of the time. Not exactly a “discovery” because most of these artists have been around and I have most likely seen them but […]


  I’ve overdosed on Korea’s year-end music shows that it was a welcome change to watch actors in their own world through the year-end drama shows instead and it gave me a slight glimpse as to why actors > idols in Korea. It’s like in a family: the cousin who is good at singing and […]

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Who among us spent new year’s eve with five dorks and a TV? (Or a gadget or computer if you were streaming.) This is how it’s been for the past five years for many of us (family and friends aside) since Arashi was given the honor to host Kohaku, the traditional musical year-end show on […]

misaeng finale

And this year’s best drama for me goes to MISAENG. But wait, MAN FROM THE STARS is also considered a 2014 drama and Cheon Songyi and Do Manager are even the top contenders for SBS Drama Awards’ Daesang. So it would turn out that two of my favorite dramas for the year are extremes. One […]


When I look back to 10 years ago, I can’t believe the crazy things I did traveling across Europe whether on my own or with friends, taking advantage of living in a region that has very good train infrastructure. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do those crazy stunts again with the confidence […]


[Many won’t like some of the things I’ll say here. Sorry not sorry.] I watched MUSIC STATION SUPER LIVE SPECIAL 2014 (Japan-Asahi) and KBS GAYO DAEJUN (Korea-KBS) at the same time last Friday. Obviously, I was tuned in for Arashi and CNBLUE. And watching music shows simultaneously has never been that interesting because of the […]