[Yes, here it comes and it may be long.] Life is too short to wait forever. – @ArashiTsu   This has got to be the fangirl trip of my life… so far. I totally bought into the adage that you only live once so on December 1, I found myself dragging my suitcase through Nagoya […]


If there is one drama you need to watch this season, heck, this year, make it MISAENG. It’s very seldom that I come across such drama that pulls me in and affects me so much that even a quiet scene reduces me to tears. I have never watched a drama that emphasizes the nuance of […]


[Spoilers ahead.] “The truth is 10 times more comforting than a lie.” I’ve been really looking forward to PINOCCHIO, curious on how they will tackle the media angle. Working in the industry, media-inspired films and dramas are always interesting but tend to either end up as a poor approximation or an over exaggeration. I like […]


[Spoilers ahead.] I don’t know whether it’s a good thing to watch an office drama that forces you to confront the existential questions in your chosen profession by relating to the characters, but thank you to jan for recommending MISAENG.     I like my dramas as fluffy as clouds (see, I even chose that […]


First, a disclaimer: I’m sure there are other idols who work as hard as Arashi, maybe even harder. Idols who are more handsome, who act better, who sing better. Who went through hardship too, maybe even more. Each and every one has their own success story to tell. There will always be someone better but […]

digitalian arashi

The first time I heard that Arashi’s new album is called “The Digitalian”, I quickly checked my trusted best friend Oxford Dictionary. The term still has not made its entry (who knows, this year?) though it’s obvious where the word was derived from. Next, I Googled how digital music sounds like and I was directed to an entry […]


With apologies to Karl Marx: idols are opium of fangirls. Though our kind of drugs, or opium, may vary. Mine is called Arashi. Yes, it’s another Arashi post. And just what kind of drugs is Arashi? My frend @jhingnigami said it best: “last night, we saw Arashi drunk; today, they’re looking so handsome on TV.” […]


The decision has been made: I am going to Nagoya in what may be the fangirl trip of my life. It’s the only city where concert dates for both Arashi and CNBLUE work (thanks to @ShayMujan for pointing out the Nagoya dates!)  and by hook or by crook, I am going to watch Arashi. That’s […]


I watched YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL many dramas ago. But I never got to finish it. Okay, I cheated. I skipped to the ending after the first few episodes wherein I couldn’t stand Jang Geun-suk and his never blinking left (or right?) eyelid. That bothered me a lot plus the fact that I was rooting for […]


Sometimes it pays to watch shows like MUSIC STATION because it can be educational in the sense you get to widen your music appreciation by watching other artists perform. Artists that you won’t spare a moment to listen to simply because, well, you don’t know their music, or you just have your staple playlist of […]